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The following is a list of the Freshman class of Harvard College, including some students formerly registered in the classes of 1912, 1913, and 1914. Although the list is as nearly complete and accurate as possible at this time, it is not the final and official registration, which will appear in the University Catalogue.

Adsit, C. C., Jr., Westmorly 123

Alden, F. J., Matthews 3.

Allen, R. E., Randolph 48.

Allen, S. B., 47 Garden St.

Allen, R. H., 1699 Cambridge St.

Allen, W. L., Jr., Apthorp 8.

Axelrod, J., 48 Malden St., Everett.

Allis, E. P., Randolph 51.

Almeda, C. E., 48 Emerson Rd., Winthrop.

Alsop, E. H., Claverly 34.

Ames, O. I., Russell 24.

Ansell, J., 63 Glenway St., Dorchester.

Apollonis, K., Russell 24.

Arnold, W. H., Jr., 96 Prescott St.

Astor, W., Claverly 37.

Atkins, E. F., Jr., Randolph 54.

Atkinson, H. M., Jr., Claverly 51.

Aylen, J. A., Walter Hastings 53.

Ayres, R. R., 28 Mt. Auburn St.

Backup, E., 53 West Cottage St.

Bacon, F. S., 54 Dunster St.

Baker, J. H., Wadsworth 11.

Baker, R. M., Jr., Randolph 57.

Ballantine, H. F., 183 St. Botolph St., Boston.

Ballou, H. O., Jr., Brentford 22.

Ballou, J. W., 58 Mt. Auburn St.

Banavalikar, V. N., 820 Mass. Ave.

Bardwell, C. F., 7 Wright St.

Barker, S. T., 115 Walnut St., Brookline.

Barnes, J. G., 38 Burroughs St., Jamaica Plain.

Barnet, P., Grays 13.

Barowsky, J. L., College House 45.

Barry, E. H., Grays 32.

Barth, M. A., Westmorly 103.

Bartlett, A. G., Ridgely 23.

Bassett, F. J., Claverly 50.

Baylies, L., Claverly 48.

Beatley, B., 11 Waban St., Roxbury.

Beckett, W. L., Little's 8.

Beebe, H. B., Dunster 44.

Beeler, M. F., 64 York Terrace, Melrose Highlands.

Beers, D. M., 419 Broadway, Somerville.

Belford, D. H., Hampden.

Belles, O., 96 Prescott St.

Bennett, J. C., 68 Mt. Auburn St.

Benson, G. E., Russell 6.

Bentham, A. E., 19 Hilliard St.

Beresofsky, A., 96 Normandy St., Dorchester.

Berman, I., 360 Shawmut Ave., Boston.

Berman, W.,--

Benson, M. L., 47 Highland Rd., Somerville.

Bigelow, S. S., Claverly 49.

Blackmur, P., Matthews 11.

Blanchard, 2 Curtis Ave., Tufts College.

Bloom, F. S., Holyoke 14.

Bolster, C. S., 28 Mt. Auburn St.

Boni, C., Jr., Weld 46.

Bonner, P. H., Holyoke 5.

Bonney, R. P., 47 Norton St., Dorchester.

Bookhout, T. C., 69 Oxford St.

Boyle, R., Beck 31.

Bradbury, M. R., Drayton 14.

Bradlee, F. J., Jr., Randolph 28.

Brainard, M., Russell 25.

Breed, W. B., 37 Lee St.

Breed, W. M., Y. M. C. A., Cambridge.

Brennan, J. N., 1586 Cambridge St.

Brickley, C. E., 129 Vine St., Everett.

Briggs, H. P., 50 Winthrop St.

Bretten, M. deW., Trinity 9.

Brock, H. G., Perkins 48.

Brodsky, N. H., Perkins 33.

Brooks, F., Claverly 30.

Brown, P. M., Dana 29.

Browne, T. C., Westmorly 124.

Bruce, A. B., Grays 52.

Brunet, H. D., 11 Moreland St., Roxbury.

Brush, C. E., Jr., Ridgely 51.

Bulkley, W., Matthews 51.

Bullock, R., Randolph 36.

Burgevin, L. G., 390 Harvard St.

Burns, R., 31 Holyoke St.

Burton, M. T., Randolph 1.

Butler, A. L., 26 Rosedale St., Dorchester.

Butler, G. T., Weld 10.

Byers, G. E., Hampden 26.

Byers, W. B., Apley 52.

Cable, P. L., Dunster 34.

Cahill, E. F., 42 Thomas Pk., Boston.

Cahill, W. A., Holyoke 10.

Caldwell, H. B., 28 Mt. Auburn St.

Cambell, S. St.J., Matthews 53.

Campbell, D. S., Westmorly 142.

Campbell, T. J., Hollis 28.

Campbell, W. F., 48 Amory St.

Campopiano, J. C., 1734 Cambridge St.

Camprubi, A. A., 52 Plympton St.

Capper, F. W., 402 Boylston St., Brookline.

Carter, B. S., Claverly 51.

Carter, E. A., College House 56.

Caner, H. K., Jr., Randolph 10.

Cassavetes, N. J., 68 Kirkland St.

Cate, P. T., 56 Mt. Auburn St.

Catton, P., 5 Centre St.

Caverly, E. R., 43 Tonawanda St., Dorchester.

Cawley, R. R., 594 Heron Ave.

Chamberlain, F., Randolph 48.

Chandler, C. R., 132 Glendale St., Everett.

Chapin, A. F., Perkins 56.

Chapin, H. L., 63 Bloomfield St., Dorchester.

Chaflin, W. H., Jr., Russell 114.

Charak, S. Z., 2 Whiting St., Roxbury.

Chase, R. P., Russell 26.

Cheney, C. W., Randolph 22.

Chittenden, V. B., 27 Holyoke St.

Chittick, H. W., 69 G St., South Boston.

Choate, C. F., 3d, Randolph 25.

Choate, J. B., Westmorly 34.

Chubb, R. W., 1 Matthews.

Church, V. S., Grays 21.

Clark, B. P., Russell 19.

Clark, J. C., Randolph 3.

Clark, W. B., 44 Dana St.

Cleary, R. V., 107 Adams St., Malden.

Cleave, J. C., Beck 46.

Clyde, R. A., 399 Putnam Ave.

Cobb, C., 68 Mt. AuburnSt.

Cobb, R. C., Randolph 38.

Cochran, M. H., 390 Harvard St.

Cochran, R. S., 390 Harvard St.

Codman, C. R., 2d, Claverly 39.

Codman, W. C., Jr., Stoughton 2.

Cohen, H., 70 Quincy St., Roxbury.

Cohen, M., 89 Ruthvert St., Roxbury.

Cohn, R., 675 Broadway, Malden.

Cole, H. R., 36 Tower St., Somerville.

Cole, F. L., Westmorly 46.

Coleman, E.,-

Collins, E. B.,-

Conant, K. J., Walter Hastings 33.

Conroy, J. F., Holyoke 38.

Coogan, G., Randolph 53.

Cooke, N. S., Matthews 34.

Coolidge, A. S., Ridgely 52.

Coolidge, S. J., Russell 25.

Coolidge, T. J., 3d, Claverly 30.

Cothell, D. C., Randolph 59.

Courtney, P. G., Russell 11.

Cowan, 332 Summer St., West Somerville.

Cowper, R. C., College House 46.

Cox., A. C., 14 Sumner Rd.

Cram, P. P., Drayton 16.

Cummings, E. E., 104 Irving St.

Cunningham, F. deL., Randolph 26.

Cunningham, L., Randolph 38.

Currie, E. C., 15 Perry St., Somerville.

Currier, D. E., Claverly 26.

Curtis, B. C., Russell 7.

Curtis, F. J., 131 Otis St.

Curtis, G.,-

Curtis, H., Matthews 53

Curtis, P. D., Perkins 28.

Curwen, H. D., College House 4.

Cutting, P. A., 283 K St., South Boston.

Cutting, W. B., Lexington.

Daly, W. W., 35 Oakview Terrace, Jamaica Plain.

Damon, C. F., 68 Mt. Auburn St.

Danforth, E. C. B., Jr., 1709 Cambridge St.

Daniels, H., 6a Appleton St., Boston.

Daniels, S., 12 Harlem St., Dorchester.

Davidson, A., 33 Bow St.

Davidson, W. H., 11 Fowler St., Dorchester.

Davis, F. B., 33 Arlington St.

Davis, J., Matthews 16.

Davis, M., 25 McLean St., Boston.

Davis, R. L., Walter Hastings 6.

Davis, T., Apley Court 51.

Davis, E., 1675 Mass. Ave.

Dazey, F., 78 Mt. Auburn St.

DeFord, H., Russell 5.

Dixon, B. F. B., 46a Dana St.

Dixon, R. W., 1686 Cambridge St.

Donaghue, H. R., 142 Adams St., Dorchester.

Donahue, R. A., Matthews 19.

Donahue, R. G., 11 Centre Ave., Dorchester.

Donovan, J. A., 50 Bradford St., Lawrence.

Draper, E. L., Claverly 52.

Duer, B.; Ridgely 25.

Dunbar, H. F., Perkins 29.

Duncker, E. A., Holyoke 43.

Durgin, G. H., Foxcroft 3.

Edgarton, J. A., 41 Granite St.

Edgerton, H. E., 3 Whittier St.

Elliott, G. R., 421 Huron Ave.

Elliott, J. A., 154 Quincy St., Dorchester.

Elliott, J. M., Apthorp.

Embree, E. E., 287 Huron Ave.

Emmett, R. S., Randolph 20.

Endicott, J., Russell 8.

Epstein, C., 362 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury.

Ettinger, A., Weld 42.

Fairbanks, S. V. K., 26 Elmwood Ave.

Fannon, H. E., 74 Edwin St., Dorchester.

Fardy, P. E., 49 Auburn St.; Boston.

Farrar, J. R., 14 Oxford St.

Farrin, L. M., 2 Inman St.

Farrington, S. P., Randolph 57.

Fay, W. P., Westmorly 44.

Felton, W. S., Apley 31.

Fenn, D. F., Divinity 25.

Fenn, R. C., Divinity 25.

Ferguson, C. J., Little's 27.

Fernald, F. C., Perkins 80.

Field, R., Ware 10.

Files, H. G., 33 Holborn St., Roxbury.

Finkelstein, H. P., 20 Brooks St., East Boston.

Fisher, A., 68 Mt. Auburn St.

Fitzgibbon, H. E., Ware 14.

Flanagan, J. F., Westmorly 22.

Flanders, E. D., 102 Mt. Auburn St.

Fleck, J. S., Dana 27.

Fleisher, A., 40 Harlem St., Dorchester.

Fleming, C. S., Matthews 6.

Fleming, J. R., Matthews 6.

Floyd, C. E., 19 Prospect Hill Ave., Somerville.

Foley, J. L., 8 Washington St., Medford.

Fowler, G. W., Matthews 35.

Francis, T., Russell.

Francke, H., 22 Plympton St.

Freeman, T. O., Dunster 40.

Freese, C. G., Grays 52.

Freitas, W. R., 5 Linden St.

Frenkel, B. J., 6 Linden St.

Friedlich, H. A., Drayton.

Frothingham, H. W., Claverly 43.

Frye, B. B., Dana 33.

Fuller, J. F., Randolph 49.

Fuller, T. J. D., Jr., Matthews 20.

Furneaux, S. E., 1734 Cambridge St.

Gallaher, H., Ridgely 31.

Gallie, T. M., Matthews 59.

Gannett, R. T., Claverly 54.

Gorland, J., 58 Mt. Auburn St.

Gates, G. M., 97 Avon Hill St.

Gates, M. F., Weld 38.

Gaynor, C. A. F., 28 Holyoke St.

Gehrke, A. E., 48 Irving St.

Gibbs, C. E., 1709 Cambridge St.

Giblin, E. W., Concord.

Gibson, R. G., Holyoke 22.

Gill, T. B., 96 Prescott St.

Gilman, H., 22 Seneca St., Boston.

Goertner, F. B., Walter Hastings 44.

Goldsbury, J., 57 Bartlett St., Charlestown.

Gorman, E. G. B., Randolph 6.

Grace, V. J., Ware 5.

Graham, J. M., Jr., Brentford 53.

Graham, W. E., Dunster 36.

Grainger, G. P., 29 Windsor Rd., West Somerville.

Grant, G., 9 Bow St.

Grant, U. S., 4th, Westmorly 36.

Graves, F., Dana 28.

Gray, R., Claverly 53.

Greeley, M. L., Jr., 68 Mt. Auburn St.

Greeley, S. F., 54 Mt. Auburn St.

Greenaugh, L. J., Russell 11.

Greider, E. S., 96 Prescott St.

Griffiths, S. P., Russell 25.

Grosvener, R., Dunster 36.

Guild, S. E., Jr., Russell 5.

Hackes, E. L., Grays 14.

Hale, G., Holyoke 44.

Hall, C. A., Perkins 39.

Hall, M. F., Holyoke 26.

Hall, S. S., Jr., Matthews 59.

Hallowell, W. P., Jr., Hapgood Hall.

Hamburg, M. J., 26 Blossom St., Chelsea.

Hamlen, R. C., Claverly 55.

Handy, E. O., Randolphs 16.

Handy, E. S., 3d, Randolph 58.

Handy, I. E., Matthews 46.

Hardwick, M. R., Ridgely 26.

Harriman, F. G., 160 Upland Rd., North Cambridge.

Harrington, R. M., Perkins 46.

Harvard, L. deJ., Weld 12.

Harvey, R. D., Little's 15.

Harwood, B., Randolph 57.

Hatch, H. D., 38 Ferry St., Malden.

Hayes, E. P., 1686 Cambridge St.

Healy, F. L., 52 Brook St., Brookline.

Hemenway, L., Claverly 47.

Hemingway, E. H., 26 Mt. Auburn St.

Hennessey, J. A., 333 Geneva St., Dorchester.

Hersey, R. M., 33 Holyoke St.

Herter, C. A., 2d, Ridgely 36.

Herter, E. A., Fairfax 46.

Hickey, J. D., 172 Aspinwall Ave, Brookline.

Hilliard, H. R., Ridgely 33.

Hitchcock, H. R., Jr., Dana 46.

Hoar, S. B., Brentford 52.

Hobbs, W. W., Claverly 8.

Hodges, J. H., Weld 52.

Hofer, M. A., Randolph 2.

Holden, R. H. J., 378 Harvard St.

Hooper, L. F., 28 Mt. Auburn St.

Hopkins, F. S., Little's 27.

Hotaling, S. N., 9 Irving Terrace.

Howard, G. H., 3d, Claverly 3.

Howard, J. K., Claverly 43.

Howard, L. D., Drayton 9.

Howe, A. M., 2d, Randolph 14.

Hoyt, A. D., Randolph 59.

Hubbard, E., Jr., Randolph 35.

Hudner, T. J., Fairfax 39.

Hulse, F. E., 41 Irving St.

Rurley, E. T., 1734 Cambridge St.

Hurley, W. C. R., 20 Chelsea St., East Boston.

Hurtis, J. H., Jr., Walter Hastings.

Hutchins, J., Claverly 12.

Hutchins, D., Claverly 41.

Hutchinson, A. A., Jr., Westmorly 25.

Hyman, A. S., 34 Coden St., Roxbury.

Ilsley, C. F., Randolph 51.

Iselin, C. O., Jr., Randolph 7.

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