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In Basin at 3.30 o'clock.--Hampden-Dunster and Randolph Appear Fastest.


As a result of the two days of bumping races, six crews, Randolph, Hampden-Dunster, Russell, Weld, Claverly, and Mt. Auburn street, have been chosen for the final straightaway race from scratch for the Filley Cup, to be held in the Basin this afternoon at 4.30 o'clock. The course will be one and one-quarter miles long, extending from the Cottage Farm bridge to an imaginary line off Gloucester street. The race will be rowed down-stream unless the east wind holds. In this case it will be rowed up-stream.

Of the six crews Hampden-Dunster and Randolph have made the best showing in the races of the last two days. Mt. Auburn street has also shown promise, but has been seriously handicapped by accidents.

During the work of preparation Russell, Weld, and Mt. Auburn street have been under the direction of Coach Stephenson at the Newell boathouse, while Hampden-Dunster, Randolph, and Claverly have worked under Coach Brown at the Weld.

The orders of the crews in today's race will be as follows:

From the first division:

Randolph.--Stroke, Harwood; 7, Putnam; 6, Vickery; 5, Barnes; 4, Meyer; 3, Handy; 2, Taggart; bow, Pennoyer; cox., Ilsely.

Russell.--Stroke, Harrower; 7, Morris; 6, Blanchard; 5, Griswold; 4, J. J. Storrow; 3, Davidson; 2, Abbott; bow, Clark; cox., Munroe.

Claverly.--Stroke, Lothrop; 7, Murray; 6, Powel; 5, Draper; 4, Skinner; 3, Ripley; 2, Peabody; bow, T. W. Storrow; cox., Mackay.

Mt. Auburn street.--Stroke, MacLeod; 7, Maxwell; 6, Rossbach; 5, Loenholm; 4, Coulson; 3, Ayers; 2, Perrens; bow, Hooper; cox., Whitney.

From the second division:

Hampden-Dunster -- Stroke, Day; 7, Walter; 6, Brooks; 5, MacVicker; 4, Lynn; 3, Leviseur; 2, Henry; bow, Smart; cox., Briggs.

Weld.--Stroke, Pirnie; 7, Borst; 6, Wiener; 5, Cherry; 4, Olmsted; 3, Bartlett; 2, Dudley; bow, Schroeder; cox., Gates.

All members of the crews in today's race must report dressed to row at 4 o'clock, and every crew must be on the line promptly at 4.30.

Yesterday's Racing.

Both races yesterday were uneventful, the only chance of a bump being spoiled when the rudder of the Mt. Auburn street shell broke just off the Stillman Infirmary. The crew was then within ten feet of Claverly and in all probability would have bumped it before the finish. Randolph and Hampden-Dunster, the first crews in each division, increased their leads on the other boats throughout their races.

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