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Stadium Ushers for Today's Game


The following men have been appointed ushers for the Carlisle game this afternoon. The men marked (A) stand at the bottom of the stairs, men marked (B) at the first entrance, men marked (C) at the upper entrance, men marked (D) at the top of the promenade, and men marked (E) at the wooden stands. Men should report at the Baseball Cage for lunch at 11.45 o'clock. Men should be in their places at 12.15 o'clock. Men who are not there will lose their places for the Dartmouth and Yale games. Substitutes will not be accepted. Section heads will distribute the badges to men in their places. The following have been appointed section heads for the Carlisle game and should report to the head usher at the Locker Building at 11.15 o'clock:

Sect. 1, D. Dahl; Sect. 2, H. F. Goodrich; Sect. 3, R. W. Peters; Sect. 4, E. A. Roberts; Sect. 5, H. W. Birch; Sect. 6, F. S. Miley; Sect. 7, J. T. Day; Sect. 8, A. L. Washburn; Sect. 9, S. L. Simonds; Sect. 10, R. A. Giles; Sect. 11, M. H. Dake; Sect. 12, C. H. Marsh; Sect. 13, R. L. Blaikie; Sect. 14, R. Douglas; Sect. 15, W. J. Dean; Sect. 16, A. K. Smith; Sect. 17, R. Crosbie; Sect. 18, W. F. Rogers; Sect. 19, H. Gilman; Sect. 20, C. von Tobel; Sect. 21, J. J. Hamburg; Sect. 22, F. L. Reardon; Sect. 23, C. A. Dunham; Sect. 24, G. H. Sullivan; Sect. 25, J. A. Greene; Sect. 26, H. D. Kroll; Sect. 27, L. S. Headley; Sect. 28, D. Bloomfield; Sect. 29, A. L. Palmer; Sect. 30, J. B. Munn; Sect. 31, W. M. Danner; Sect. 32, L. C. Torrey; Sect. 33, M. M. MacDermott; Sect. 34, P. W. Bliss; Sect. 35, W. R. Bolton; Sect. 36, P. B. Potter; Sect. 37, G. C. Loud; Sect. 38, T. E. Elcock.

Reserved seat side.--In charge, H. T. Deane: Sect. 1, S. Avery (A), C. D. Britten and J. S. Mahaffey (B), R. H. Britten (C), J. A. Davis (D), L. J. Catheron (E); Sect. 2, D. C. Howard (A), O. W. Meserve and C. C. Earle (B), T. M. Phillips (C), E. H. Thompson (D), J. Hornicek (E); Sect. 3, P. H. Bunker (A), C. B. Kauffmann and C. Penningroth (B), S. Barron (C), L. C. Stowell (D), N. Yamins (E); Sect. 4, J. Axelrod and J. Coons (A), H. E. Wildes and I. Springer (B), B. Z. Nelson (C), J. Spear (D), F. P. Hamill (E); Sect. 5, W. M. Spencer and E. C. Grover (A), F. C. Crawford and J. A. Di Pesa (B), W. T. H. Horst (C), O. R. O'Gorman (D), C. W. Findlay (E); Sect 6, D. White and W. D. Wile (A), A. W. Wilson and N. L. Torrey (B), S. C. Yen (C), A. S. Thayer (D), J. A. O'Shea (E); Sect. 7, H. G. Grant and I. Pichel (A), P. Gustafson and C. J. Pollard (B), H. D. Hite (C), R. T. Paessler, (D), A. L. Graves (E); Sect. 8, P. H. Stafford and H. Norton (A), F. T. Smith and R. F. Keehn (B), I. W. Jacobs (C), D. J. Lyne (D), H. C. Blanchard (E); Sect. 9, E. Coleman and L. W. Pollock (A), J. F. Conway and A. E. Sederquest (B), L. Kovalsky (C), M. Friedberg (D), D. Klein (E); Sect. 10, T. D. Bool and J. H. Coles (A), N. H. Brodsky and R. L. West (B), J. W. White (C), C. B. Long (D), J. B. Emerson (E); Sect. 11, J. A. Coolidge and C. A. Coburn (A), A. W. Bell and T. Coggeshall (B), W. E. Griffiths (C), D. W. Lewis (D), H. Levine (E); Sect. 12, J. H. Taylor and H. H. Breland (A), J. P. Manning and S. P. Holland (B), C. E. Croson (C), D. R. Hanson (D), A. S. Jones (E); Sect. 13, F. A. Carroll and P. P. Waldrop (A), O. Lyding and A. S. Hyman (B), A. B. Un- derwood (C), H. E. Mason (D), A. T. McKay (E); Sect. 14, G. D. Huncke (A), P. F. Brundage and C. Gilfix (B), F. Parker (C), E. W. Cunningham (D), C. G. Keshen (E); Sect. 15, T. B. Gill (A), M. Sandler and C. Southworth (B), C. O. McCormick (C), S. D. Coward (D), S. Leventall (E); Sect. 16, W. E. Wolff (A), A. L. Ven Meter (B), A. T. Good (C), D. E. Dunbar (D), R. E. Stifel (E); Sect. 17, J. A. Sullivan (A), J. A. Garvey and C. Silbert (B), S. S. McCulloch (C), J. L. Rosenberg (D), E. M. Libman (E); Sect. 18, A. P. Cohen (A), R. B. Street and D. C. Barton (B), H. J. Bischoff (C), H. S. Hegarty (D), N. A. Pope (E).

Season ticket side.--In charge, R. K. Hubbard: Sect. 19, F. E. Tyler (A), F. S. Rutan and W. G. Hill (B), J. J. Connelly (C), N. Weiss (D), D. Bloomfield (E); Sect. 20, F. B. Day (A), K. Kirsch and O. J. Johnson (B), A. B. Conant (C), C. J. Murphy (D), J. H. N. Waring (E); Sect. 21, J. V. Fudder (A), E. M. Maiden and A. W. Miller (B), I. Springer (C), H. Wolfson (D), C. W. Simms (E); Sect. 22, A. L. Quinn (A), J. F. Evans and J. Moloney (B), C. C. Perry (C), G. E. Macfarlane (D), A. C. Hawkes (E); Sect. 23, S. Berry (A), V. Levine and R. K. Terry (B), G. H. Hinckley (C), J. Lorenz (D), D. F. Fenn (E); Sect. 24, W. G. Simon (A), R. R. Allen and P. L. Cohn (B), H. S. Warren (C), E. R. North (D), W. P. Haynes (E); Sect. 25, W. W. Tupper (A), C. M. Seavey and T. J. Crowley (B), W. Berman (C), C. H. Moore (D), T. E. Alcorn (E); Sect. 26, E. C. Romberg (A), R. Brackett and J. K. Cahill (B), R. M. Fallon (C), D. B. Priest (D), D. W. Creeden (E); Sect. 27, I. Berman and F. K. Pavolsky (A), L. K. Harlow and H. Slepian (B), A. K. Hobby (C), G. C. Anderson (D), M. D. Britten (E); Sect. 28, A. M. Boal and J. Piper (A), M. Conovitz and V. D. Kline (B), C. R. Hoover (C), B. E. Hughes (D), H. C. Place (E); Sect. 29, W. H. Distler (A), A. M. Cristy (B), H. W. Richter (C), L. O. Wright (D), J. R. Keister (E); Sect. 30, A. T. Nesmith and H. O. Palmer (A), G. E. Akerson and W. B. Porter (B), G. H. Gifford (C), J. Rose (D), G. T. Vought (E); Sect. 31, E. L. Wheaton and H. F. Cameron (A), R. Stiles and D. Rubin (B), M. Cohen (C), A. A. Berle (D), R. S. Keebler (E); Sect. 32, H. C. O'Brien and C. L. Rice (A), W. G. Foye (B), B. F. Jones (C), F. A. Jenks (D), H. F. Browne (E); Sect. 33, H. V. Bail and F. H. Beall (A), W. B. Martin (B), J. C. Davis (C), J. L. Barowsky (D), E. J. Bryan (E); Sect. 34, F. W. Candee and J. G. Carey (A), E. A. Duncker (B), C. A. Connor (C), M. R. Copithorne (D), E. F. Cahill (E); Sect. 35, W. Gleason and C. G. Kirov (A), L. H. Meade (B), C. D. Hurley (C), R. G. Donahue (D), W. C. R. Hurley (E); Sect. 36, J. L. Foley and G. C. Davis (A), H. P. Finkelstein (B), C. C. Headley (C), W. A. O'Shea (D), G. S. Raup (E); Sect. 37, B. Snow and H. J. Nason (A), L. M. Middlemass (B), R. C. Cowan (C), T. J. Reed (D), A. H. Sanborn (E); Sect. 38, W. A. Cahill and C. V. Wright (A), J. A. Rahb and E. L. Hackes (B), A. J. McGrail and L. R. Sarett (C), F. C. Hodgson (D), S. Avery (E).

The following men will report to the head usher: W. H. Beckham, R. C. Benchley, C. Epstein, C. W. Faulkner, R. W. Gordon, C. T. Rand, O. Sletten, J. E. M. Sloboakin, W. A. Williams

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