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The more important college football games to be played today are as follows:

Harvard vs. Dartmouth in the Stadium.

Yale vs. Princeton at New Haven.

Penn. vs. Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Cornell vs. Chicago at Chicago.

Brown vs. Vermont at Providence.

West Point vs. Colgate at West Point.

Annapolis vs. Penn. State at Annapolis.

Williams vs. Amherst at Williamstown.

Carlisle vs. Syracuse at Syracuse.

Harvard 1915 vs. Yale 1915 at Cambridge.

Of these games by far the most important in determining the championship will be played at New Haven and at Cambridge. To Yale Field Princeton comes undefeated and with two tie games to its credit, the best record among the big teams, knowing that it has one of the strongest machines in years and aware of the fact that a victory over Yale will give it a clear title to the championship. The Yale authorities realize this and are putting unusual emphasis on the preparations for Princeton. Yet no matter how good or how bad Princeton elevens happen to be by hearsay, there is each year the usual high grade football to be seen at the Yale-Princeton game. So far fortune has favored the New Jersey team, against Harvard and especially against Dartmouth, where an acknowledged fluke gave Princeton the victory over what was seen to be the better team. Princeton supporters, therefore, have good cause to look forward this season to the first victory over Yale in many years. Both elevens have unusual reasons for feeling that a victory is necessary and it is safe--to say--that the game will be hard-fought, desperate football from the start. If Princeton wins, the 1911 football championship is settled; if Yale wins, it will require a defeat by Harvard next Saturday to give Princeton any further claim to the highest football honor. On the other hand if Yale wins both games, its defeat by West Point would hardly prevent experts from awarding the first position to Yale.

From an unprejudiced point of view the Yale-Princeton game will afford more interest today than the contest in the Stadium, but the fact that the game here is Dartmouth's last this year and that a defeat for the University team would practically obliterate Harvard's hopes of the championship, will attract the attention of nearly 40,000 spectators. The chief anxiety will be to see how Harvard is able to meet the forwards who last Saturday threw back the Princeton line time and again. If Harvard succeeds in this particular the prospects for the following Saturday will be decidedly brighter than they were on November 5. The changes in the University line have been radical, and if the line-up given out last night starts the game, it will be almost in the nature of an untried combination. The whole University squad has been affected half by injuries and half by a slump. It is time that both were eradicated and that the team struck the pace which will lead it on to victory next week. Many experts predict that this will be the case, as the earlier games showed a great deal of latent power in the squad. On the other hand, Dartmouth comes to Cambridge backed by 1500 supporters and a record far better than the University team can show. Dartmouth men cannot be blamed for believing that a team which evidently played far better hall against Princeton than did Harvard, especially in the line where Harvard was the weakest, will have an even chance against the Harvard team. Thus it can be seen that in every way Harvard will have to exert its utmost to win this afternoon, and that the result of this game will do much toward forming an opinion of the great battle scheduled for next week. If Harvard and Yale win today the interest in the Harvard-Yale game will be tremendous.

Below is printed the scores of the Harvard, Yale, and Princeton teams to date:   HARARD. 15  Bates  0 8  Holy Cross  0 18  Williams  0 11  Amherst  0 20  Brown  6 6  Princeton  8 15  Carlisle  18 --    -- 93  Totals  32   YALE. 21  Wesleyan  0 26  Holy Cross  0 12  Syracuse  0 33  Virginia Polytechnic  0 0  West Point  6 23  Colgate  0 28  New York University  3 15  Brown  0 --    -- 158  Totals  9   PRINCETON. 37  Stevens  0 37  Rutgers  0 31  Vilianova  0 6  Lehigh  6 31  Colgate  0 0  Aniapolis  0 20  Holy Cross  0 8  Harvard  6 3  Dartmouth  0 173  Totals  12

The Dartmouth scores this season, shown on page 6, give Dartmouth 129 points, opponents 17, the only defeat coming on a fluke last Saturday at Princeton.

The Dartmouth scores this season, shown on page 6, give Dartmouth 129 points, opponents 17, the only defeat coming on a fluke last Saturday at Princeton.

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