Four Sears Prizes of $375 Each Awarded to Students for Brilliant Work in Classes.

The Sears Prizes in the Law School have been awarded to J. G. Buchanan 3L., of Pittsburg, Pa., C. E. Hughes, Jr., 3L., of Washington, D. C., R. A. Taft 2L., of Washington, D. C., and F. S. Wyner 2L., of Dorchester.

These prizes, of $375 each, were founded in 1909 by Mrs. S. C. Sears, in memory of her son J. M. Sears, Jr., '00, a graduate of the Law School. They are "to be awarded annually to students of the School who shall have done the most brilliant work in classes." The Faculty of the Law School decided to award them to the four men who completed their work during the preceding year with the highest standing and who had not received Langdell Scholarships.

Langdell Scholarships have been awarded to R. Burroughs 3L., of Oberlin, O., and D. J. Lyne 3L., of South Boston.