Given Last Evening at Exchange Club, Boston.--Insignia Awarded.

The University second football squad was given a banquet at the Exchange Club, Boston, last evening. Among the speakers were W. D. Sullivan '83, H. H. White '93, former manager of the University football team, W. F. Garcelon L.'95, W. T. Reid, Jr., '01, former captain of the University football team, Coach C. Hann, Jr., 1L., and T. C. Hardwick '13, captain of the team.

Coach Hann, the first speaker of the evening, said that no one on the squad had enjoyed the season's work more than he, and his only regret was that he was unable to give everyone on the squad more opportunity to play. He added that although the members of the second football squad often felt unimportant, had it not been for their faithful work the result of the Dartmouth game might have been different. His only hope was that the outcome of the Yale game next Saturday would likewise show the result of the second team's work.

W. F. Garcelon L.'95, the next speaker, expressed his regret at not being able to follow more closely the work of the second team. The second team is the team that makes the University eleven each year. He congratulated the members of the squad on the grit and persistency which they had shown throughout the season. It is this same quality that leads to a successful career in life.

W. T. Reid, Jr., '01, was the next speaker. He pointed out the fact that when Harvard has a Yale team in such a position that it relies on drop-kickers to score, Harvard has gained a strong point. He said that he did not always predict a Harvard victory, but felt tha the University team has at least an even fighting chance tomorrow. He expressed his approval of the increased attention which at the present time is being given to the second and Freshman teams as these furnish material for future University teams.

W. D. Sullivan '83 was the last speaker of the evening. He told several amusing reminiscences. He also told how I was due solely to Harvard men that the game of football existed today, as it would undoubtedly have been abolished but for the timely action of a few graduates a short while ago.


During the course of the evening the names of those who had been awarded the University second football insignia were announced as follows: L. Berenson '13, of Roxbury; W. J. Blake '13, of Fal River; W. E. Bright, Jr., '14, of Waltham; L. H. Chenowith '12, of Oak Park Ill.; G. T. Driscoll '13, of Brookline; J. M. Eager '12, of Naples, Italy; T. C. Hardwick '13, of Quincy; S. T. Hopkins '14, of Newtonville; D. Lawson '13, of Boston; V. Morris '12, of Milwaukee, Wis.; T. McCall '13, of Chicago, Ill.; O. D. Pfaelzer '12, of Boston; F. W. Pollard '12, of Brookline; R. C. Proctor '13, of Gloucester; A. B. Richardson '12, of Gloucester; A. B. Richardson '12, of Toledo, O.; M. S. Robbins '12, of Cambridge; L. Saltonstall '14, of Chestnu Hill; R. S. Tobey '12, of Roxbury; and W. A. Willetts '14, of Skaneateles, N. Y

Immediately after the banquet the squad attended the "Slim Princess" at the Colonial Theatre