The Two Captains

Captain Fisher of Harvard.

Robert Thomas Fisher '12, of Newton Centre, captain of this year's University football team, prepared for College at Phillips Andover Academy, where he played for three years at left tackle.

In his Freshman year he played left guard on the 1912 team which went through the season unbeaten and unscored on. On this team he showed much promise, and the following year was given the position of right guard on the University eleven. He has remained there ever since, this being his third year, and last year he was Walter Camp's choice for All-American guard. He possesses the rather remarkable record of never having been removed from an intercollegiate match because of injury.

Weighing slightly over 200 pounds, about six feet in height, and with an exceptionally natural aptitude for football. Fisher is an ideal man for his position. During the early part of this season, his duties as captain and more or less as coach of a green line, have hindered his playing, but lately he has returned to his old form, and judging from his work in the Dartmouth game, should again be an All-America man.

Yale's Leader.

Arthur Howe '12, of South Orange, N. J., is captain of the Yale University team. At Hotchkiss School, where he prepared for college, he played quarterback for two years, and was captain of the baseball team in his last year.

In his freshman year he was substitute quarterback on his class team and for the past two years has been regular quarterback on the university team.

Captain Howe is 21 years old, 5 feet 9 inches in height, and weighs 153 pounds. In spite of his light weight he is excellent in all departments of the game. As well as being a versatile field general, a brilliant open-field runner, and a reliable drop-kicker, he is an ideal leader. Last year he was chosen for quarterback on many. All-American teams, although not on Walter Camp's