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What upperclassman after a term or two at Harvard has not been asked by his father, his uncle or some friend of the family, whether he knows Mr. "So and So", the well known Harvard professor? How often has he had to answer evasively, "Oh yes, I know of him," or "I have a course with him, but I don't know him personally." It is indeed perhaps the most unfortunate feature of a large college that it is an impossibility for all the professors to know all the students personally. But admitting this situation is by no means admitting one often confused with it, namely, that it is impossible for any student to know personally any professor. The relation between student and professor can be as cordial in a large university as in a small college and one of the opportunities for making it so is given at the University Teas.

These Teas of which the first will be held this afternoon perpetuate the hospitality which in early days the officers of the University were accustomed to extend, and still do extend, in their own homes.

Their very name, University Teas, emphasizes the fact that to them every individual member of the University is invited. If accepted in the cordial spirit in which they are given these receptions can do much toward paving the way to increasingly friendly relations between professor and student.

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