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Not long ago the Lampoon burst forth in strains of well pre-meditated wit upon that "Home of Discomfort" and "Place of Pain" Sever 11. Yesterday our attention was directed to the occasion when first the CRIMSON found fault with conditions as they existed in this Hall.

In the spring of 1885 and instructor was in the midst of a somewhat serious discussion upon a somewhat serious topic, when a Freshman, sitting in the back row, started a marble rolling down the steps of the aisle, punctuating the remarks of the instructor in a manner not altogether to his liking. The next morning the CRIMSON, with accustomed timeliness, remarked upon the occurence that, "the man who insults an instructor while in the performance of his duty is guilty of a mean and cowardly act."

After twenty-six years, we are informed from an authoritative source that before long Sever 11 will be thoroughly remodeled. If the unintentional mirth that must have resulted from the remarks of our respected predecessor in office, on the occasion in question, deserved an consideration, surely our penance, as undergraduates, for the sin committed by our weak brother in 1885 has been long and severe. But from the very harshness of our treatment we are made the gainers, for the delight of taking the first painless notes in Sever 11 has fallen to our lot.

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