Entries for Coast Artillery Meet

The annual indoor handicap meet of the Coast Artillery Corps, M. V. M., will be held at the South Armory, Irvington street, Boston, tonight at 7.30 o'clock. The events which Harvard men have entered and the entries follow:

75-yard dash.--W. B. Adams '13, P. G. M. Austin '13, F. O. Bergquist sC., K. S. Billings '12, R. C. Foster '11, R. S. de Gozzaldi '13, P. B. Halstead '13, G. N. Hurd '13, J. K. Lewis '11, F. J. O'Brien '14, K. Reynolds '14, J. C. Twomey '14.

400-yard run.--J. I. Abbott '14, W. B. Adams '13, W. L. Allen '14, W. A. Barron '14, L. H. Chenoweth '12, W. W. Davies '13, W. H. Fernald '12, R. C. Foster '11, A. J. de Gozzaldi '14, A. H. Gunn '11, P. B. Halstead '13, L. E. Hodges '13, J. R. Hunneman '14, A. L. Jackson '14, H. W. Kelley '11, F. J. O'Brien '14, L. J. Rabbette '14, D. P. Ranney '12, K. Reynolds '14, S. C. Simons '11, F. H. Storms '14, H. M. Warren '13.

1000-yard run.--J. I. Abbott '14, C. W. Burrage '13, F. P. Byerly '11, F. D. Everett '11, S. S. Hanks '12, O. W. Hausermann '12, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, W. H. Lacey '13, H. P. Lawless '14, P. Newton '11, S. Nichols '14, B. M. Preble '12, K. Roosevelt '13, R. H. Rowse '12, H. W. Ryan '11, W. M. Tugman '14, A. H. Whitman '11, P. R. Withington '12.

70-yard low hurdles.--W. L. Allen '14, A. D. Barker '11, M. A. Barth '14, H. B. Beebe '14, F. O. Bergquist sC., W. G. Brackett '14, T. Cable '13, J. B. Cummings '14, W. A. Dennis '11, R. C. Foster '11, T. O. Freeman '14, A. L. Jackson '14, J. K. Lewis '11; R. P. Lewis '13, J. H. Noble '11, S. A. Reed '11.

High jump.--W. L. Allen '14, A. D. Barker '11, H. B. Beebe '14, W. G. Brackett '14, N. A. Buckley sC., A. D. Chandler, Jr., '14, W. A. Dennis '11, T. O. Freeman '14, A. W. Moffatt '13, C. O. Mueller '11, F. B. Waller '14.

Besides these events there will be a scratch relay race in which the Freshmen will meet Troop C, First Squadron Cavalry of the Rhode Island National Guards. The Freshman team will consist of four men from among the following, each man to run two laps, or 390 yards: J. I. Abbott, W. L. Allen, W. A. Barron, R. W. Boyd, A. J. de Gozzaldi, A. L. Jackson, F. J. O'Brien, K. Reynolds, F. H. Storms.