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The fifth annual winter track carnival will be held in Mechanics Hall this evening at 7.30 o'clock. 231 men have entered from the various departments of the University, but those who are on probation and those who have not taken strength tests since January 1 will not be allowed to compete. Prizes will be given to those winning first and second places in the regular track and field events of the carnival.

Besides the relay races and the regular track and field events, matches will be held for the wrestling and fencing championships of the University. Cups will be given to the winners of first and second places in each final bout. It is important that competitors report promptly for their events as called. The first call for the 40-yard dash will be given in the dressing room at 7 o'clock. Everyone wishing to compete must report to the clerk of the course at least five minutes before his event starts, and those reporting late will be absolutely debarred from competing. No one will be allowed on the floor except officials and men in actual competition.

Tickets at $1.50, $1, and 50 cents, may be obtained at the office of the Athletic Association, Leavitt & Peirce's, Wright & Ditson's, and at the door of Mechanics Hall. Competitors may secure seats by calling at the office of the Athletic Association before 1 o'clock today.

The entire list of officials, events, and entries is as follows:

List of Officials.

Referees.--W. F. Garcelon L.'95, L. B. Parks 2L., P. Withington '10, I. Leslabay.

Marshals.--M. Williams, B. A. A., P. K. Kelley, B. A. A.

Judges at finish.--F. H. Briggs, M. I. T., W. R. Mansfield '07, B. A. A., T. F. Riley, No. Cambridge A. A., N. Bingham '95.

Timers.--H. O. von Schuckman, B. A. A., W. M. Rand '09, B. A. A., R. A. Faye, B. A. A., E. J. Wendell '85, N. Y. A. C., H. W. Knights, B. A. A.

Starter.--H. C. McGrath, North Dorchester A. A.

Field judges.--W. W. Coe, Jr., B. A. A., H. A. Gidney, B. A. A., R. G. Harwood, '09.

Clerk of course.--B. B. Osthues, Armory A. A.

Assistant clerks of course.--W. Hynes, Cambridge, C. H. Hodgkins, Cambridge, W. T. Dunne, I. A. A.

Inspectors.--E. C. Rust '04, G. L. Garland, B. A. A., J. W. Hallowell '01, T. H. Guething, M. I. T., O. F. Hedlund, Brookline Gymnasium A. A., C. D. Wadsworth, B. A. A., H. S. Benson, M. I. T.

Announcer.--J. J. Hallahan, Boston Herald.

Press announcer.--M. E. Webb, Jr., Boston Globe.

Chief scorer.--F. R. Peters, B. A. A.

Scorers.--G. B. Williams, B. A. A., D. J. Leonard.

Measurers.--D. S. Adler, Brookline Gymnasium A. A., R. F. Guild, C. B. Floyd, Brookline Gymnasium A. A.

Custodians of prizes.--W. R. McDonald, B. A. A., A. P. Keith, B. A. A., W. M. Hill, B. A. A.

Managers.--R. C. Floyd '11, G. V. Brown, B. A. A.

Track Events.

40-yard dash, handicap (9 ft. limit), trials.

45-yard high hurdles, handicap (4 ft. limit), trials.

45-yard low hurdles, handicap (5 ft. limit), trials.

40-yard sack race, scratch, trials.

Relay race.--Harvard Law School upperclassmen vs. Brookline Gymnasium.

40-yard dash, handicap, finals.

45-yard high hurdles, handicap, finals.

Relay race.--B. A. A. Midgets vs. Brookline Gymnasium Midgets.

Relay race.--Harvard Law School first year men vs. Harvard Medical School first year men.

45-yard low hurdles, handicap, finals.

40-yard sack race, scratch, finals.

Interclass relay race.--1913 vs. 1914.

Interclass relay race.--1911 vs. 1912.

1000-yard run, handicap (50 yards limit).

Relay race.--Harvard second team vs. English High School.

440-yard run, scratch.

Interclass relay race.--Finals.

Relay race.--Harvard Freshmen vs. Yale freshmen.

Relay race.--Harvard vs. B. A. A.

Field Events.

Wrestling for championship of University.

Fencing for championship of University.

Exhibition of duelling sword work.

Running high jump, handicap (7 in. limit).

12-pound shot-put, handicap (6 ft. limit).

List of Entries.

40-yard dash, handicap (9 ft. limit).--J. I. Abbott '14, 3 ft.; W. B. Adams '13, 3 ft.; T. E. Alcorn '13, 6 ft.; P. G. M. Austin '13, scratch; W. A. Barron, Jr., '14, 2 ft.; F. O. Bergquist '12, 1 ft.; K. Bouve '11, 9 ft.; W. G. Brackett, Jr., '14, 3 ft.; E. C. Brown '12, 5 ft.; C. G. Browne '13, 5 ft.; W. P. Browne '11, 5 ft.; P. F. Brundage '14, 6 ft.; T. Cable '13, 3 ft.; W. H. Caunt '11, 6 ft.; J. B. Cummings '13, 3 ft.; L. H. Cushing '11, 7 ft.; K. B. Day '11 5 ft.; W. W. Davies '13, 4 ft.; O. C. Dow '11, 6 ft.; F. D. Everett '11, 6 ft.; R. M. Fallon '13, 5 ft.; W. H. Fernald '12, 7 ft.; R. A. Files '12, 7 ft.; G. C. Flack '14, 7 ft.; S. K. Gibson '12, 3 ft.; P. B. Halstead '13, 2 ft.; J. J. Hays '12, 6 ft.; L. E. Hodges '13, 4 ft.; G. N. Hurd '13, 2 ft.; E. Hutchins '11, 6 ft.; A. L. Jackson '14, 3 ft.; H. Jaques, Jr., '11, 6 ft.; H. A. Johnson '11, 2 ft.; W. H. Lacey '12, 9 ft.; H. P. Lawless '13, 6 ft.; R. P. Lewis '13, 3 ft.; G. H. McCaffrey '12, 5 ft.; C. B. McLaughlin '11, 9 ft.; R. M. Marble '12, 5 ft.; G. M. Miller '13, 6 ft.; J. Murdoch '11, 6 ft.; F. J. O'Brien '14, 2 ft.; W. M. Parker '12, 6 ft.; A. J. Post '11, 3 ft.; A. C. Roberts '11, 6 ft.; R. H. Rowse '11, 9 ft.; M. Steinhardt 1L., 1 ft.; A. Sweetser '11, 3 ft.; L. C. Torrey '12, 6 ft.; J. C. Twomey '12, 3 ft.; L. K. Urquhart '14, 6 ft.; E. L. Viets '11, 9 ft.; P. R. Withington '12, 9 ft.; L. M. Wright '14, 7 ft.

45-yard high hurdles, handicap (4 ft. limit).--W. G. Brackett, Jr., '14, 4 ft.; W. P. Browne '11, 4 ft.; O. M. Chadwick '11, 3 ft.; J. B. Cummings '13, 3 ft.; W. A. Dennis '11, 4 ft.; L. E. Drew '11, 3 ft.; G. C. Flack '14, scratch; J. J. Hays '12, 4 ft.; A. L. Jackson '14, 3 ft.; B. N. Jones '12, 3 ft.; J. K. Lewis '11, scratch; J. H. Noble '11, 3 ft.; A. Sweetest '11, 1 ft.

45-yard low hurdles, handicap (5 ft. limit).--W. G. Brackett, Jr., '14, 3 ft.; W. P. Browne '11, 4 ft.; F. O. Bergquist '12, 1 ft.; W. L. Bouve, Jr., '14, 4 ft.; N. A. Buckley sC., 4 ft.; T. Cable '13, 3 ft.; O. M. Chadwick '11, 1 ft.; J. B. Cummings '13, 2 ft.; L. E. Drew '11, 4 ft.; G. C. Flack '14, 1 ft.; R. C. Foster '11, scratch; J. J. Hayes '12, 4 ft.; A. L. Jackson '14, 2 ft.; H. A. Johnson '11, 2 ft.; B. N. Jones '12, 4 ft.; W. H. Lacey '12, 5 ft.; H. P. Lawless '13, 3 ft.; J. K. Lewis '11, scratch; R. P. Lewis '13, 4 ft.; G. M. Miller '13, 4 ft.; J. H. Noble '11, 5 ft.; A. Sweetser '11, scratch; J. C. Twomey '12, 4 ft.

40-yard sack race, scratch.--P. G. M. Austin '13, K. Bouve '11, C. F. Brooks '12, T. Cable '13, J. H. Coles '14, W. A. Dennis '11, J. W. Hall '11, J. J. Hayes '12, A. L. Jackson '14, J. Murdoch '11, W. A. Perkins '12, R. H. Rowse '12, S. C. Simons '11, A. Sweetser '11, J. C. Twomey '12.

1000-yard run, handicap (50 yards limit).--F. P. Abbot '11, 50 yds.; W. M. Applebaum '13, 50 yds.; F. H. Blackman '14, 45 yds.; C. E. Boutelle '13, 35 yds.; W. L. Bouve, Jr., '14, 45 yds.; R. St. B. Boyd '14, 25 yds.; E. W. Brewer '14, 50 yds.; C. W. Burrage '13, 20 yds.; R. H. Burrage '13, 35 yds.; F. P. Byerly '11, 30 yds.; N. M. Clark '12, 50 yds.; J. H. Coles '14, 45 yds.; F. W. Copeland '13, 30 yds.; J. B. Donovan, Jr., '12, 50 yds.; F. D. Everett '11, 20 yds.; W. H. Fernald '12., 10 yds.; H. B. Goodfriend '14, 50 yds.; S. S. Hanks '12, 50 yds.; H. Jaques, Jr., '11, scratch; T. W. Koch '14, 40 yds.; W. H. Lacey '12, 25 yds.; T. H. Lanman '12, 50 yds.; H. P. Lawless '13, 5 yds.; D. R. deLories '13, 50 yds.; J. C. Milliken '13, 50 yds.; J. Murdoch '11, 30 yds.; P. Newton '11, 5 yds.; S. Nichols '13, 20 yds.;

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