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The annual Junior dance will take place in the Union this evening. The music will start at 8.30 o'clock and the first dance on the cards will begin shortly afterwards. Cutting in will be allowed only on the encores. Each dance will be divided as follows: a six-minute dance in which cutting in will not be permitted; a five-minute encore, and a four-minute intermission. The supper dance will be the thirteenth. "Stags" must get their supper in the Training Table Room.

The committee in charge of the dance is as follows: R. B. Wigglesworth, chairman; G. H. Balch, H. deWindt, J. Elliott, T. Frothingham, Jr., F. C. Gray, H. L. Groves, J. Hoar, J. P. Kennedy, R. Lowell, S. Mixter, G. F. Newton, T. S. Ross, R. S. Potter. These men will act as ushers and must be present at the Union promptly at 8.15 o'clock.

The patronesses are: Mrs. Oliver Ames, Mrs. William H. Aspinwall, Mrs. Henry E. Balch, Mrs. Robert A. Bolt, Mrs. William R. Castle, Jr., Mrs. Allen Curtis, Mrs. Morris Gray, Mrs. Samuel Hoar, Mrs. Henry L. Hunnewell, Mrs. Patrick J. Kennedy, Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell, Mrs. John Lowell, Mrs. Samuel J. Mixter, Mrs. George F. Newton, Mrs. Felix Rackemann, Mrs. Charles G. Rice, Mrs. William M. Richardson, Mrs. Philip L. Saltonstall, Mrs. Robert D. Weston, Mrs. George Wigglesworth.

The final arrangements are as follows: the Living Room of the Union will be closed until 8.30 o'clock this evening. The Periodical, Game, and Writing Rooms will be open between 12 and 6 o'clock for the furnishing of boxes only. The boxes in the Dining Room must be furnished between 2.30 and 5.30 o'clock. All furniture must be tagged with the owner's name and address, and must be removed from the Union before tomorrow noon. Lunch will be served today between 12 and 2 o'clock. Dinner will be served in the Ladies' Dining Room between 5.30 and 7 o'clock. During the dance the third floor of the Union will be closed. After 7.30 o'clock dance tickets will be required for admission and must be presented at the ladies' entrance only.

The music will be provided by Gott's orchestra, and the order of dances will be as follows:

1. Waltz, "Unrequited Love."

2. Two-Step, "2nd Connecticut."

3. Waltz, "Genee Waltzes."

4. Waltz, "Dollar Princess."

5. Two-Step, "Up the Street."

6. Waltz, "Girl in the Train."

7. Waltz, "Hypnotic Kiss."

8. Two-Step, "Casey Jones."

9. Waltz, "Chocolate Soldier."

10. Waltz, "Faust."

11. Two-Step, "Grizzly Bear."

12. Waltz, "Spring Maid."

13. Supper.

14. Waltz, "Ciribiribin."

15. Two-Step, "Gridiron King."

16. Waltz, "Songs d'Automne."

17. Waltz, "Espana."

18. Two-Step, "Soldiers Field."

19. Waltz, "Madame Sherry."

20. Waltz, "Phryne."

21. Two-Step, "Grizzly Bear."

22. Waltz, "Day Dreams."

23. Waltz, "Areadians."

24. Two-Step, "Casey Jones."

25. Waltz, "Blue Danube."

Juniors who have not applied and who are members of the Union, may obtain dance tickets at the door this evening on presenting their membership cards and paying $3.

The dance committee has engaged three dray wagons to be placed at the disposal of members of the class who are furnishing boxes. These drays will call at the rooms of the men in the various boxes and will transport furniture to and from the Union at a cost of $1 per box each way. The man in charge of each box must leave word at the Union office before 1 o'clock this afternoon if the men in his box wish to make use of the wagons engaged by the committee.

The dance committee has also arranged with a taxi-cab company for automobiles for men who wish to take guests to and from the dance. Members of the class who wish to engage automobiles through the committee must leave word at the Union office before 12 o'clock.

The following is the list of box holders:


R. M. Blackall, M. Bowditch, S. H. Bowles, R. F. Duncan, H. A. Gifford, F. Gooding, H. W. Miller, J. J. Putnam, Jr., N. R. Sturgis, P. H. Suter.


R. C. Benchley, P. Blair, H. T. Deane, H. P. Faxon, C. E. Hansen, H. F. Isham, J. M. Moore, L. D. Redway.


G. H. Balch, C. S. Cutting, F. C. Gray, H. Jaques, Jr., F. W. Pollard.


E. C. Brown, J. L. Hannan, W. H. Heywood, B. N. Jones, H. C. Reid, A. B. See, T. C. Stowell, W. S. Woodward.


W. P. Boyd, D. H. Clarke, P. H. Clarke, N. W. Gillette, G. W. Miller, G. E. McQuesten.


S. S. Kingman, C. M. Ramsay, H. C. Reid, A. B. See, T. C. Stowell, W. S. Woodward.


W. P. Boyd, D. H. Clarke, P. H. Clarke, N. W. Gillette, G. W. Miller, G. E. McQuesten.


S. H. Cross, C. H. Haberkorn, Jr., C. H. Reisinger, L. O. Wavle, W. S. Worcester.


T. E. Buckman, F. P. Foisie, A. W. Miller, F. W. Stuart, L. S. Walling.


M. T. Briggs, P. S. Durfee, F. H. Morrison, A. Nichols, F. Packard, L. F. Packard, C. S. Parker, B. E. Roberts, E. H. Thompson.


T. T. Baldwin, Jr., C. F. Brooks, H. M. Brooks, J. L. Peters, C. B. Randall, J. A. Spaulding, H. S. Willcox.


S. C. Bennett, L. I. Grinnell, C. W. Hubbard, R. W. Knowles, F. H. Leslie, S. Mixter, R. D. Peters, L. D. Smith, A. Strong.


L. C. Bolton, N. C. Bolton, J. Hoar, R. Lowell, J. C. Trumbull, R. Weston, R. B. Wigglesworth, H. deWindt.


J. E. Bolt, H. C. Dewey, J. Elliott, S. S. Hanks, W. B. Prescott, A. Richard, J. Simpkins, C. M. Storey.


L. Booth, 3d, F. T. Clark, H. C. Kittredge, E. L. McKinney, B. Pitman, O. W. Roosevelt.


A. M. Bierstadt, W. H. Bixby, W. L. Bouve, E. B. Coxe, L. C. Staples.


H. W. Cheney, L. H. Chenoweth, O. R. Diehl, C. H. Hoskins, R. W. Laird, C. W. Peabody, H. B. Willis.


H. B. Ehrmann, C. L. Fernberg, L. F. Kornfeld, R. S. Lehrburger, W. S. Stern, A. E. Strauss, R. Wiener.


E. S. Blodgett, R. M. Ferry, M. Monheimer, J. H. Pettus, R. S. Williams.

Boxes A, E, F, G, H, and M will be placed in the Writing Room; boxes B, C, and D in the Game Room; boxes L, K, and L in the Periodical Room; boxes S, T, U, X, and Y in the Dining Room; and boxes N and O in the main entrance.

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