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The captains of the four class relay teams which will compete at the Winter Carnival to be held in Mechanics Hall on February 23 have been chosen as follows: 1911.--H. Jacques, Jr.; 1912.--W. H. Fernald; 1913.--H. P. Lawless; 1914.--W. L. Allen, Jr. There will be fifteen men on each relay team, each man to run two laps or 260 yards. The race will be run in two heats with the winners of the preliminaries meeting in the finals. A man who wishes to have his name withheld has given the sum of $250 to be awarded as a scholarship to a needy student who is a member of the class winning the race.

The practice work leading up to the trials for these class teams will begin next Monday afternoon on the board track on Soldiers Field. The trials for the Senior and Junior teams will be held on Monday, February 20; and for the Sophomores and Freshmen on Tuesday, February 21. In these trials all men will be required to run in speakers so that it will be equally fair for each competitor. When the team is selected men may decide whether or not they wish to wear spiked shoes or sneakers in the race.

In addition to the list of events published in Monday's paper a handicap 1000-yard run will be held.

Fencing and Wrestling Championships.

The preliminaries for the University championships in fencing and wrestling will be held in the Hemenway Gymnasium during the latter part of next week. The finals will be held in connection with the annual winter carnival which this year is to be held in the Mechanics Building under the auspices of the Boston Athletic Association.

All candidates for the fencing championship of the University will meet in a round-robin tournament which will be held under the direction of the officers of the fencing team, this tournament to be held on Wednesday, February 15 and Friday, February 17. From the Competitors in the round-robin tournament the three men scoring the highest number of wins will be chosen to meet in the finals at Mechanics Hall Thursday, February 23.

The preliminaries in the wrestling championship will be held in the Hemenway Gymnasium on Friday, February 17, at 8 o'clock. There will be championships awarded in the usual five weights, and as in the case of the fencing, the finals in each weight will be held at Mechanics Hall.

The championships are open to all members of the University, whether or not members of the Fencing or Wrestling Associations, and cups will be awarded to the winners in each case.

Entries for the fencing tournament should be left with J. A. McLaughlin '11, and entries for the wrestling tournament with L. B. Parks at the Gymnasium before 5 o'clock next Monday. Entries for both championships should contain the name and class of the contestant and in the case of wrestling entries the weight should be added.

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