Three University Boats Out for First Time.--1914 Will Row Today.

The University crews were on the river for the first time this year yesterday afternoon. They rowed back and forth over a short stretch, free from ice, below the Boylston street bridge. Coach Wray watched the work from the bank.

The work of the University crew was very satisfactory for the first row of the season. The blade work was ragged at the start, but later showed great improvement. The boat was steady and ran well between the strokes. Metcalf rowed at 7 in place of Cutler, who was attending a conference with the Yale crew management.

The first Freshman crew will be sent out on the river this afternoon.

The orders:

University crew.--Stroke, Goodale; 7, Metcalf; 6, Strong; 5, Withington; 4, Newton; 3, Stratton; 2, Hooper; bow, Balch; cox., C. Abeles.

Second crew.--Stroke, Eager; 7, Morgan; 6, Nelson; 5, Beane; 4, L.D. Smith; 3, Anderson; 2, L.N.C. Smith; bow, Wiggins; cox., A. Abeles.

Third crew.--Stroke, Richardson; 7, P.D. Smith; 6, Weston; 5, Leslie; 4, Lincoln; 3, Peabody; 2, Sullivan; bow, G.C. Cutler; cox., C. Abeles.