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Summary of Work Begun and Planned in Various Branches of Athletics.


For the benefit of those men who may not be familiar with the varied opportunities for athletic activity during the spring, the following summary of organized sports is given:


Candidates for the University and Freshman track teams will begin out-door work as soon as the weather permits and practice will be held regularly every day under the direction of Coaches Donovan and Quinn. Coach Donovan will have charge of all the track event men except the hurdlers, who, with the field event men, will report to Coach Quinn. Until out-door work is commenced, all hurdlers and field event men should report every afternoon to Coach Quinn at the Hemenway Gymnasium. Several competitions in the field events will be held from time to time, but the first regular meet of any kind will begin with the annual spring handicap games. During the spring vacation twenty members of the University squad will take a trip to Baltimore, where they will make use of the athletic field of Johns Hopkins until April 19, when the team goes to Annapolis to compete with the Naval Academy in a dual meet on April 22. Soon after the vacation, the class games will be held, and by this time the training table will be made up of the men who have shown ability. As is the usual custom, however, more men will be added to the training table as the season progresses, especially after the results of the consolation games, which take place soon after the class handicap games. By the time of the dual meet with Dartmouth on May 6, the make-up of the University team will be pretty well settled and practically the same men will enter the Yale meet a week later at New Haven. The track season closes with the intercollegiate meet which this year will be held at the Stadium on May 26 and 27. The Freshman team will probably compete in two meets besides the meet with the Yale freshmen on May 13.


Candidates for the University and Freshman baseball squads have already been called out and have been working for about a month. The University team will take a southern trip this year during the spring recess, leaving Cambridge on April 14. Part of the time will be spent in Baltimore and part in Annapolis, and games will be played with Johns Hopkins and the Naval Academy. After the vacation the second team will be called out. The second team has a schedule of its own, playing several games with school, freshman, and college second teams. Those who fail to make either the first or second teams or for any other reason do not play on these teams, can enter the Leiter Cup series which will start immediately after the vacation and will last until the end of May. The rules and purpose of the Leiter Cup series will be printed in a future issue of the CRIMSON and blue-books for entries will be placed in Leavitt & Peirce's.


Regular practice for the University football team will begin on March 27 and will continue until the April recess. The practice will be mainly to teach the rudiments of the game to the men and is of the utmost importance to those who intend to try for the team next fall. In view of the fact that the team has one of the hardest schedules in years, it is of the greatest importance that every man who has any knowledge of football should take part in the practice. A full staff of coaches will be on hand daily and will give particular attention to new material. The importance of this spring practice must not be under-estimated, as it is of the greatest value to the coaches in selecting the material that will make up, the University squad in the fall. Until the regular practice begins, all men trying for the football team should practice with the soccer football squad every day on Soldiers Field.

Association Football.

The soccer team has already begun its schedule of nine games. Soccer not only affords opportunity for getting into shape for spring football practice, but is in itself a game that is fast increasing in importance as an intercollegiate sport, and is becoming an important part of spring athletics in the University.


Rowing is now well under way for the University and Freshman crews, and the class crews will be called out as soon as the boathouse floats can be put in the water. As individuals, men may belong to either boathouse and have all the privileges of members. About the middle of May the annual race of singles for the Carroll Cup, which is open to all members of the University, will be held. The University crew will have the following races: May 27, Cornell at Ithaca; June 30, Yale at New London.


The tennis courts on Jarvis Field will probably be ready for use by the first of April. Men will practice on these courts until the middle of the month, when trial matches will be played with local teams if possible, the results of which will determine the University team. Matches have been arranged with the Longwood Cricket Club, the University of Minnesota, Princeton, and Yale. There will also be a practice match with members of the University at large who are ineligible for the University team. A separate tournament for the College championship will be held at the end of May. Each class will have an elimination tournament and the winners of each of the four classes will play for the College title. Soon after this will come the class championship series in which six men chosen by elimination from each class will compete. All the tournaments this spring will be for singles only, as the doubles championship was held last fall.


Both the University and Freshman lacrosse teams have already been called out and are practicing daily on Soldiers Field. The squad is now divided up into two equally strong teams, but after April 1 a first and second team will be picked. During the spring recess the University team will go south and will probably play games with Johns Hopkins. Annapolis, and West Point. After the vacation, will come the league games with Columbia, Hobart and Cornell. The Freshman team also has several games scheduled with high schools and freshman teams. Practice for class games will be held as soon as the class captains are elected and the matches for the class championship will be held during the last week in March. The Seniors will play the Juniors and the Sophomores the Freshmen, the two winners to meet for the class championship.

Fencing and Wrestling.

The preliminary round for the intercollegiate fencing championship will be held on March 25 in two divisions. The entries for the northern division to be held at West Point include Cornell, Harvard, West Point, and Yale, while those for the southern division to be held at Annapolis are Annapolis, Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Princeton. The three best teams in each division will meet in the final round to be held at the Hotel Astor, New York, on March 31 and April 1. W. Hunt '11, J. A. MacLaughlin '11, and G. B. Wilbur '12 will represent the University.

Wrestling in the Hemenway Gymnasium will continue until the spring recess in charge of L. B. Parks 2L.


Arrangements are being made by the management of the rifle team for indoor correspondence shoots with the Massachusetts Agricultural College, Princeton, and Yale, while the team will compete in outdoor shoots with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in the intercollegiate shoot to be held at the Wakefield range in June

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