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With French Government.--Appointments for Alternate Half-Years.


Arrangements have been proposed and will probably soon be agreed to by which Harvard will receive in alternate years, a professor from France and in those years will send an exchange professor to France. If this arrangement is concluded the first exchange will probably be made next year. The exchange will not, however, be an amplification of the Hyde lectures.

The Ministry of Public Instruction of the French government will choose the professor to come to Harvard, and will designate the French university to which the Harvard professor will be sent.

For their stay of one-half year the exchange professors are to become active members of the faculties of the universities to which they are sent and are to conduct regular courses within the universities.

President Lowell and M. Bayet, Director of Higher Education of France are both strongly in favor of the scheme as it will surely strengthen the educational ties between the countries. President Lowell also desires the acceptance of the plan as it will materially help Harvard to keep in touch with the rapid intellectual movement which is now going on in France. For these reasons, it seems extremely likely that the arrangements will soon be concluded.

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