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There are two important lectures scheduled for tomorrow evening. Certainly many men are anxious to hear both Dr. Figgis' first Noble lecture and President Eliot's talk on "Diversity in Family, College, and State." Moreover, tomorrow's lecturers deserve audiences as large and as representative as possible. It may be that the present conflict was unavoidable, but it seems likely that had a complete calendar of coming engagements been consulted, it would not have occurred.

Such a calendar is now being conducted by the Council of Federated Clubs. Every Saturday is posted in the Union and in Phillips Brooks House a list of events of interest to the members of the University. This announcement contains the engagements for the week by the day and hour. In addition, there is kept in the Union Office a card catalogue of advance dates for meetings of clubs, lectures, concerts, etc.

The unfortunate conflict scheduled for tomorrow is apparently striking proof that this card catalogue is needed. It is to be hoped it will be maintained in its present complete form and that in future it will be consulted before determining the dates for important engagements.

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