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A change in the usual schedule for the University crew is under consideration. It is proposed to drop the April race with Annapolis, and row Cornell six, instead of four, weeks before the Yale race. The new plan has the unqualified advantage of allowing Coach Wray to make the Cornell contest an end in itself. This has not before been possible owing to the proximity in the past of the two and four-mile races. With the strain of the long course at New London only a month away it has been considered impracticable to adopt temporarily the sustained high stroke necessary to win from Cornell over a two-mile course. But with six weeks to prepare for Yale, the University crew can meet Cornell on even terms.

Also the proposed arrangement will probably have an important, if less obvious, bearing on the race at New London. Cornell ordinarily succeeds in winning at Poughkeepsie. Therefore, should Harvard succeed in defeating Cornell, the Yale contest would assume a truly championship character.

From the above consideration of the new plan the change appears worthy of adoption, and on the surface, at least, seems entirely advantageous.

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