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Crews Row for First Part of Week.--Track Practice During Latter Part.


Two University and two Freshman crews will remain in Cambridge during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the vacation. They will row twice a day and will have three races, the first this afternoon, the others on Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. The men will take their meals at the Varsity Club. The following should report for breakfast on Monday at 8 o'clock: C. T. Abeles '13, N. L. Anderson '12, R. St.B. Boyd '14, H. D. Burch '14, E. K. Carver '14, W. A. Cleary '14, F. L. Converse '14, C. H. Crombie '14, C. P. Curtis, Jr., '14, L. Curtis, Jr., '14, G. C. Cutler, Jr., '13, R. W. Cutler '11, H. Eager '13, W. T. Gardiner '14, A. M. Goodale '13, G. Harrower '14, A. M. Hay '14, R. F. Hooper '11, G. P. Metcalf '12, G. von L. Meyer, Jr., '13, L. H. Mills '14, E. D. Morgan, Jr., '13, J. S. Morgan '14, G. F. Newton, Jr., '12, Q. Reynolds '14, S. O. Richardson '11, R. T. P. Storer '14, G. F. Stratton '13, A. Strong '12, A. Taylor '14, F. H. Trumbull '14, H. M. Voorhees '12, J. Waite '11, R. D. Walker '14, J. G. Wiggins '12, L. Withington, Jr., '11.

Practice for Track Candidates.

All members of the University track squad who are not taking the southern trip, and all members of the Freshman squad are expected to report to Coach Quinn for regular work at the track next Wednesday afternoon between 2.30 and 5.30 o'clock and every afternoon for the remainder of the week at the same time. On Saturday, there will be a meet for the men who remain in Cambridge. Either cups or medals will be given to the winners of first and second places in each event. It is also probable that handicaps will be given, although this has not been definitely decided yet. Competition will be held in the regular thirteen events. On Friday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock, the middle distance men on the Freshman squad will run a half-mile from scratch and immediately following, the 1914 long distance men will run a mile from scratch.

In order to make everything as convenient as possible, the men will be allowed to take their meals at the Varsity Club beginning with dinner on Wednesday evening and including dinner on Saturday evening.

This vacation work will be important, especially to the Freshmen in view of the fact that the dual meet with Andover and the handicap games come on the Saturday following the recess.

1914 Track Schedule.

The schedule for the 1914 track team this spring as announced by the management is:

April 29.--Andover at Andover.

May 6.--Technology 1913 and 1914 at Technology Field.

May 13.--Yale 1914 at Cambridge.

May 17.--Exeter at Exeter.

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