Undefeated in Two Fast Races Rowed in Basin.--Balch and Hooper Out.

Two races were held in the Basin during the recess. Both were won by the University crew, which overcame its handicap in each case.

On Saturday the crews started from the Cottage Farm Bridge, the second crew having a lead of one length, and the Freshmen a lead of two lengths. In a fast race the University crew gained steadily, finishing at the Union Boat Club two lengths ahead of the second crew, which in turn led the Freshmen by a length.

On Wednesday the handicaps were increased, the second eight receiving two lengths and the Freshmen three. In the first half-mile the University crew had drawn up even with the Freshmen, passing the second. At Harvard Bridge the Freshmen were half a length behind, and dropped out of the race, the second Freshman crew taking it up at this point. A half-mile from the finish the second University crew dropped out, being at that time three lengths behind. The second Freshman eight gave the University a hard race, finishing only a length behind.

The University crew was handicapped by the temporary loss of Balch and Hooper at bow and 2, their places being filled by Stratton and Meyer. The showing of the University crew was good, however, as was also that of the Freshmen.

The crews rowed in the following order:


University.--Stroke, Goodale; 7, R. W. Cutler; 6, Strong; 5, Withington; 4, Newton; 3, Metcalf; 2, Meyer; bow, Stratton; cox., C. Abeles.

Second University.--Stroke, Richardson; 7, Morgan; 6, Waite; 5, Anderson; 4, G. C. Cutler; 3, Parker; 2, Eager; bow, Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.

Freshmen.--Stroke, Gardiner; 7, Mills; 6, Burch; 5, Morgan; 4, Trumbull; 3, Reynolds; 2, Cleary; bow, Carver; cox., Boyd.

Second Freshman.--Stroke, Harrower; 7, L. Curtis; 6, Crombie; 5, Taylor; 4, Converse; 3, Storer; 2, C. P. Curtis; bow, Walker; cox., Hav.