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International Contest Under Auspices of Harvard Society Fixed for Aug. 26.


The Harvard Aeronautical Society will hold its second annual international aviation meet at the Harvard Aviation Field, Atlantic, from August 26 to September 4. Plans are now being drawn for a new grand stand, and the tent hangars will be replaced by wooden or corrugated iron ones. The parking spaces for automobiles will be permanently fenced in, and the start greatly improved over its condition of last year.

The committee plans to limit the number of amateur entries, and thus far flights have been definitely arranged for only by Clifford B. Harmon, of New York, and W. Starling Burgess, of Marblehead. It is also hoped to limit entries in the professional class to eight: four American, two British, and two French, but the rules of the International Federation may prevent any such discrimination in a competitive meet.

J. V. Martin sC., vice-president of the Harvard Areonautical Society, is now on leave of absence and studying in Grahame-White's school near London.

Intercollegiate Glider Meet May 3.

Preparations are being rapidly completed for the intercollegiate glider meet to be held at the Aviation Field, for four days, beginning May 3, under the auspices of the Harvard Areonautical Society. The Contest Committee has designed a unique artificial slope from which the flights will start. The slope will be movable, being mounted on 10-inch iron wheels, but will be blocked up previous to each day's events, facing the direction of the wind and in the spot most favorable for the contests. A car running on a six foot track will carry the gliders to the top. The glider will start from the car at any point on the incline, the descent of the car down the slope giving the necessary impetus to the machine. The slope is already practically completed, and it is expected that within a few days several gliders will be there and practice work will begin.

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