Union Election Tomorrow

The annual election of officers and committee-men of the Union will be held tomorrow. The polls will be open in the corridor of the Union between 8 and 4. The following nominations have been made:

President.--Major Henry Lee Higginson '55.

Vice-president.--R. Lowell '12, R. B. Wigglesworth '12.

Secretary.--A. J. Lowrey '13, W. M. E. Whitelock '13.

Governing Board, six to be elected of which two must be graduates.--H. deWindt '12, R. T. Fisher '12, H. L. Gaddis '12, W. T. Gardiner '14, A. M. Goodale '13, G. R. Harding 1L., C. C. Little 2G., R. S. Potter '12, L. D. Smith '12, R. T. P. Storer '14, L. Withington 1L., P. Withington 2M.


Library Committee, seven to be elected of which three must be graduates.--W. R. Castle, Jr., '00, Professor C. T. Copeland '82, Professor E. C. Moore, Professor R. B. Perry, Professor E. K. Rand '94, Professor D. W. Ross '75, F. L. Allen '12, R. C. Benchley '12, G. W. Gray '12, F. W. Hubbell '13, G. H. Roosevelt '13, T. S. Ross '12, C. M. Storey '12, R. W. Williams '12.