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Hat Bands! Hat Bands! Hat Bands!


The Student Council has received numerous inquiries as to the proper date for wearing straw hats. Though the Student Council considers such a question to be quite outside its province, it publishes the following for the benefit of the inquirers:

The questions come from Randolph,

The questions come from Thayer,

"Please tell us, Student Council,

The official time to wear

Our hats so new and nifty,

Our bands so loud and gay;

We have some brand-new frat-dope

That we would fain display."

To ease these anxious students,

This law we have decreed;

Of our deliberation

Let him that will take heed.

The date, it is not distant,

(Old custom shall prevail),

For you to sport your liddings

When Harvard runs with Yale.

So gad ye to the Brown game,

The thirteenth day of May;

"God rest Ye Merrie, Gentlemen,

Let nothing you dismay."

Should old addition be forgot,

And never brought to min'?

Thank God we've got the Council

To rescue "auld lang syne."

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