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The fourth annual dinner of the Cosmopolitan Club was held in the Trophy Room of the Union last evening. D. C. Gupta '11 acted as toastmaster, and called first upon President Lowell, who made a short speech in introduction of the guest of honor, M. Jusserand, the French Ambassador to the United States, tracing the development of the system of exchange professors between Harvard and the French Universities.

M. Jusserand in his speech pointed out that the exchange of learned men dated back to the earliest times, when printed books were as yet unheard of and writings a scarcer commodity than men. The institution of the University of Paris gave an enormous impetus to this work. Paris became the gathering place of the scholars of the world, whence the knowledge and teachings of the most learned men were disseminated to all corners of civilization. Then came a great revolution, the discovery of printing. Now men became a scarcer commodity than the printed book, and the exchange of men diminished. A man, however, has a magnetism which no book can replace; a man can reach to depths which no book can ever hope to touch.

We are now striving to return to the old state of things. The success of the attempt is largely due to President Lowell, who has so able enlarged and continued the efforts of Mr. Hyde in the work of supplying exchange professors at the University, among whom are some of the greatest scholars of both countries.

President Eliot denied that we should ever hope for an ideal race blended from all the races of the world. It is best that the different races should live side by side in friendship but that they should retain their several diversities, which relieve the monotony of their relations.

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