University Eight Outstripped Second at Henley Distance.

The two University crews raced in the Basin yesterday afternoon. The second crew rowed one mile, 550 yards, in preparation for the American Henley, while the University eight covered the full two-mile course.

Starting at Cottage Farm Bridge, rowing 40 strokes to the minute, the University crew quickly made up half of its handicap of two lengths. The first eight then dropped its stroke to 35 and passed the second at the three-eighths of a mile point. At Harvard Bridge a quarter length of open water had been gained. At this point the second crew raised the stroke, reaching 42 before dropping out, but after a slight gain fell back, and finished two lengths behind. The University eight went on to the Union Boat Club, sending the stroke up to 40 and finishing in good time.

The work of the University eight was the best it has done at a high stroke this year. The men turned well at the catch, and the check there was scarcely perceptible.

The orders:

University crew.-Stroke, Goodale; 7, R. W. Cutler; 6, Strong; 5, Withington; 4, Newton; 3, Metcalf; 2, Stratton; bow, Balch; cox., Abeles.


Second crew.-Stroke, Waite; 7, Morgan; 6, Meyer; 5, Anderson; 4, Smith; 3, G. C. Cutler; 2, Eager; bow, Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.