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May 27 to 30 Inclusive.--Burgess and Hamilton to Fly.


The first intercollegiate glider meet will be held under the management of the Harvard Aeronautical Society and with the sanction of the Intercollegiate Aeronautical Association at Squantum, from May 27 to 30 inclusive. The following entries have been received to date: Cornell, Harvard, Haverford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, Tufts, Waltham Aeronautical Society, Williams, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Volkmann School.

There will be contests in duration, distance, and accuracy in landing (gliding tower to be used). In each event, the aviators winning first and second places will receive silver cups. The club receiving the greatest number of points will win the meet and will be awarded a silver loving cup. No prize will be awarded in any event unless there are at least three clubs in actual competition in that event. There will also be exhibition flights during the meet by Mr. W. Starling Burgess and Mr. Charles K. Hamilton, flying Burgess-Wright machines in use at the Burgess aviation school.

The following officials have been selected to date: referee, A. A. Merrill; clerk of course, R. M. Allen '11; assistant clerk, W. H. Capen '13; inspector, M. C. Allen '11; timer, A. W. Carpenter '12; measurer, J. H. Taylor '13; announcer, A. G. Waite '11. The meet will be in charge of the following committees: contest committee--E. C. Brown '12, chairman, R. M. Allen '11, E. N. Fales, M. I. T., A. A. Merrill, G. A. Richardson, U. of P.; reception committee--P. C. Cummin '12, chairman, M. C. Allen '11, S. K. Rindge '11.

Fifty cents will be charged for admission, but for automobiles for which parking space must be provided the charge will be $1.

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