Freshmen Play Yale 1914 at 4

The Freshman baseball team will play its annual game with the Yale freshmen on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Judging from the season's record of the two teams the visitors appear to have a slight advantage over the Harvard Freshmen. The Freshmen have played nine games, losing three of them, to Andover 9 to 1, Morris Heights 1 to 0, and Hotchkiss 10 to 3. The Yale freshmen have defeated Hotchkiss 2 to 1 and Exeter 5 to 2, the same score as made by the Harvard team, but they lost to Andover 4 to 3.

The Freshman team has developed fairly rapidly under the coaching of W. A. Lawrence '11. Captain Wingate has been playing on third base all the spring and has been hitting well. Harvey, Curtis and Milholland complete the infield. Reynolds has played a consistently good game behind the bat. The team's greatest weakness has been in outfielders and pitchers. Boyle has done the best work as a pitcher and will probably start today's game.

The batting orders: HARVARD 1914.  YALE 1914. Wingate, 3b.  2b., Harpham Harvey, 2b.  c., Burdett Clark, c.f.  s.s., Cornish Reynolds, c.  r.f., Sherman Curtis, s.s.  c.f., Chauncey Milholland, 1b.  1b., Ryan Bettle, r.f.  3b., Blossom Randall, l.f.  l.f., Martindale Boyle, p.  p., Brown

Freshmen March to Field.


The Freshman class will meet in front of Holworthy this afternoon at 3.30 to march to the field. The support of the class will greatly aid the team in its most important game of the season, and every member is urged to be present.