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Exciting finishes in the half and two-mile runs featured the annual consolation games in the Stadium yesterday afternoon. In the 880-yard event, J. R. Abbott '14 passed W. M. Danner '18 only four yards from the finish. In the two-mile run, five men were running abreast at the beginning of the last lap. W. A. Perkins '12 gradually drew away from the crowed and C. W. Burrage '13 defeated R. S. Boyd '14 for second place by inches. In the field events, G. Kaemmerling '12 was the best performer, making 20 feet, 7 inches in the broad jump.

A brisk wind was blowing over the field rendering exceptional times impossible, the best being in the 220-yard dash, which W. B. Adams '13, won.

The summary:

Track Events.

100-yard dash.--Won by W. B. Adams '13; second, A. J. Post '11; third, H. F. Corbett '11. Time, 10 3-5s.

220-yard dash.--Won by W. B. Adams '13; second, A. H. Gunn '11; third, G. A. Hurd '13. Time, 23 1-5s.

440-yard dash.--Won by R. H. Rowse '11; second, H. E. Eaton '12; third, R. M. Fallon '13. Time, 54s.

880-yard run.--Won by J. R. Abbott '14; second, W. M. Danner '13; third, T. E. Alcorn '13. Time, 2m., 7 3-5s.

One-mile run.--Won by T. W. Koch '14; second, J. Murdoch '11; third, F. P. Abbot '11. Time, 4m., 54 1-5s.

Two-mile run.--Won by W. A. Perkins '12; second, C. W. Burrage '13; third, R. S. Boyd '14. Time, 10m., 17 3-5s.

120-yard high hurdles.--Won by J. H. Noble '11. Time, 17 3-5s.

220-yard low hurdles.--Won by J. H. Noble '11; second, J. S. King '13; third, N. C. Bolton '12. Time, 27 2-5s.

Field Events.

16-pound shot-put.--Won by C. E. Cotting, Jr., '11; second, R. T. P. Storer '14; third, H. C. Reid '12. Distance, 38 ft., 2 in.

Running broad jump.--Won by G. Kaemmerling '12; second, J. A. Garvey '14; third, H. C. Reid '12. Distance, 20 ft., 7 in.

Running high jump.--Won by N. S. Morris '14; second, N. C. Bolton '12; third, tie between W. A. Perkins '12 and H. C. Reid '12. Height, 5 ft., 5 in.

Pole-vault.--Won by S. Adams '14; second, tie between J. Murdoch '11 and P. H. Smart '14. Height, 8 ft., 6 in.

16-pound hammer-throw.--Won by K. Bush '11; second, H. McGuire '14; third, K. W. Snyder '14. Distance, 123 ft., 5 3-5 in.

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