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The Harvard, Yale, and Princeton freshmen will compete in a triangular debate this evening at 8 o'clock. The Harvard Freshmen will meet the Princeton freshmen in New Lecture Hall and the Yale freshmen in New Haven. The Yale freshmen will meet the Princeton freshmen at Princeton. The subject for all three debates will be, "Resolved, That the United States should fortify the Panama Canal (legal right being conceded)." The Freshmen will argue the negative in the debate with Princeton and the affirmative in the debate with Yale. The university returning two winning teams will be announced the winner. The debate in New Lecture Hall will be open to the public.

In the debate here the Freshmen will be represented by G. V. Seldes, R. L. West, and I. Levin, who will speak in the order named. The Princeton freshmen debaters will be P. Butler, J. L. Mott, and J. M. Colt. Each speaker will be allowed twelve minutes for a main speech in which to present his argument, and five minutes for rebuttal. Professor I. L. Winter of the department of Public Speaking will preside at the debate and the judges have been selected as follows: J. Q. Dealey, Professor of Political Economy at Brown University; G. W. Scott; Professor of International Law at Columbia University; and F. B. Tracy, editor of the Boston Transcript.

At New Haven the Freshmen will be represented by H. C. Place, I. Witkin, and F. F. Greenman who will meet W. H. Lowenhaupt, L. A. Shepard, and C. Cohen, of Yale.

Harvard Speakers Against Princeton.

Gilbert Vivlen Seldes, of Philadelphia, Pa., prepared for College at the Philadelphia Boys' Central High School. He was a member of his school debating team which won from the University of Pennsylvania freshmen last year. He also won a medal for oratory there.

Roscoe Lambert West, of Millis, prepared at Needham High School and the Farmington, Me., State Normal School. This is his first experience in debating.

Isadore Levin comes from Detroit, Mich., and prepared for Harvard at the Cass High School, where he won a first prize in public speaking in his junior year. He also participated in interclub contests.

Harvard Speakers Against Yale.

Henry Coe Place, of Gilbertville, N. Y., prepared for College at the White Plains High School, where he was a members of his school debating team.

Isaac Witkin, of Philadelphia, Pa., comes from the Boys' Central High School. He received honorable mention in the senior oratorical contest.

Frederick Francis Greenman, of Brooklyn, N. Y., prepared at the Boy's High School where he debated on the school team.

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