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Fifteen teams have been entered for the Leiter Cup scrub baseball series, and 13 individual players who have been assigned to team 16. The first games of the preliminary elimination round will be held on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Every team will play in the preliminary round, thus reducing the teams to a league of eight, which will then play a round robin series for the championship.

The provisional schedule of the games in the preliminary round follows. All games commence at 4 o'clock.

Today, Whiffenpoofs vs. Daffydils, and Blui-Bluis vs. Insurrectos; Monday, Rough Diamonds vs. Craigie, and All-Boobs vs. Jumping Jupiters; Tuesday, Nine Muses vs. Nutmegs, and Silk Hose vs. Husky Hussies; Thursday, Bar Association vs. The Summer Widowers, and Midnight Sons vs. Meat Axes.

Among the rules published recently in the CRIMSON attention is particularly called to the following: the captain of the winning team shall leave the score in the box in the CRIMSON Office before 7.30 o'clock on the evening of the game, with the names of the players of both nines; otherwise the results will not be counted.

The following is a completed list of all entries. All corrections must be made in writing and deposited in the Leiter Cup box in the CRIMSON Office before 7 o'clock this evening. After that no change can be made in any team until the end of the preliminary round. Any man who has entered in more than one team must withdraw his name from all except one, and leave it, with the name of the team on which he will play, in the Leiter Cup box before 7 o'clock this evening.

Team 1, Bar Association.--W. Gleason '13, captain, H. C. Amee '13, H. F. Browne '13, W. W. Davies '13, G. F. Gallert '14, H. J. Goepper '13, S. P. Holland '12, J. Indlekofer '14, I. C. Keller 1G., R. N. Lagow 2G., B. D. Lewis 1L., P. S. McDonald uL., G. C. McLaren 1L., J. A. MacLaughlin '11, C. J. Magarity 2L., A. H. Meese 1G., R. Murdock '11, A. B. Nolan '13, L. O. Schwab '14, P. A. Swords '13, F. M. Totten '12.

Team 2, Midnight Sons.--H. N. Baldwin '13, captain, B. Beaman '13, F. G. Blair '13, E. Bradley '13, C. N. Brown '12, W. F. Brown, Jr., '13, T. Buel '13, M. F. Carr '13, W. M. Conant '12, F. C. Davidson '12, E. A. Graustein '13, R. W. Hall uL., R. P. Lewis '13, T. B. Lewis '13, B. C. Look '14, D. R. de Loriea '13, E. R. McCall '13, W. B. Marsh '13, D. Needham '13, J. L. Stebbins '12.

Team 3, Nine Muses.--H. A. Sexton '11, captain, H. C. Bird '14, E. A. Brotchie '11, J. A. Butler '11, D. A. Chase '11, L. H. Cushing '11, L. B. Duff '13, I. W. Gross '11, G. H. Hands '13, J. A. Hovey '12, G. W. F. Keller '13, R. F. Long '13, B. A. McManus 1L., R. H. Magwood '14, W. B. Martin '13, A. J. Sturzenegger uL., J. C. Twomey '13, A. F. Winter '13.

Team 4, Rough Diamonds.--J. Simpkins '12, Captain, H. B. Beebe '14, W. V. Booth, Jr., '13, R. G. Ervin '13, S. M. Felton, 3d, '13, T. Frothingham, Jr., '13, H. B. Gardner '13, P. M. Hollister '13, S. T. Hopkins '14, R. P. Lewis '13, A. J. Lowrey '13, W. M. Minot '11, B. E. Stewart '14, J. A. Sweester '11, W. Tufts '13.

Team 5, Whiffenpoofs.--C. P. Berryhill '14, captain, J. H. Fales '14, H. A. Horgan '14, S. B. Hyde '14, J. H. Lowell '14, E. H. Marrett '14, L. H. Niles '14, E. W. Peterson '14, E. E. Reece '14, W. S. Sagar '14, R. L. Savory '14, E. R. Schiller '14.

Team 6, Craigle.--F. T. Nelson 1L., captain, G. Auchincloss 2L., F. G. Floete 3L., C. P. Foss 3L., C. B. Garver 3L., J. B. Grant 2L., C. M. Hamill 3L., G. Henderson 2L., M. C. Lightner 2L., W. S. Logan 1L., J. McLean 2L., C. Metz 1L., H. Meyers 2L., S. H. Philbin 1L.

Team 7, Blui-Bluis.--N. Baldwin '11, captain, W. E. Allen '12, E. L. Baker 1L., N. Davenport '12, A. M. Dumas '11, C. C. Earle '12, G. A. Ernst '12, F. C. Haymond 1L., F. W. Hodgdon '11, C. N. Holman '13, E. S. Lancaster '12, H. E. Parkman '11, C. Taylor '11, A. C. Townsend '11, C. R. Union '12.

Team 8, Silk Hose.--H. A. Faunce '11, captain, R. W. Branch '11, O. R. Diehl '12, T. S. Ford '13, J. M. Hartwell '13, A. K. Keay '12, W. H. Parks '12, H. E. Rawson '14, G. MacC. Ross '13, J. H. Schafer '13, F. L. Steele '11, C. C. Thibaut '11, R. P. Wade '13, L. L. Winship '11.

Team 9, All-Boobs.--L. A. Forsyth 1G., captain, H. A. Doak 1G., J. F. Foristall '13, J. J. Gilbert 1G., W. G. Hill '13, G. D. Huncke '12, R. S. Lehrburger '12, W. H. Mansfield '12, L. N. Neff uC., R. T. Paessler '12, M. R. Perry '11, E. M. Robinson '12, F. S. Rutan '13, T. R. Schoonmaker '12, F. W. Stuart '12, E. G. Suttcliffe '11, J. Swan '12, J. W. White '13.

Team 10, Nutmegs.--S. Adams '14, captain, S. Avery '14, F. H. Blackman '14, W. M. Carson, Jr., '14, E. Dodd '14, H. G. Francke '14, W. E. Graham '14, W. E. Griffiths, Jr., '14, R. S. Grinnell '14, R. H. Kettell '14, R. M. Russell '14, W. F. Stiles '13, W. R. Tyler '14, W. V. V. Warren '14.

Team 11, Meat Axes.--F. Ayer, Jr., '11, captain, R. H. Bolling '12, A. Gregg '11, H. L. Groves '12, S. B. Steel '11, A. Stevens '11, C. M. Storey '12, A. Sweetser '11, A. Wheeler '11, R. W. Williams '12.

Team 12, Jumping Jupiters.--P. E. Callanan '13, captain, F. J. Callanan '14, M. W. Cole '14, J. F. Foristall '13, W. G. Hill '13, M. Hiller '14, A. J. Jobin '13, F. J. Leviseur '13, C. H. Marsh '12, F. S. Rutan '13, S. Steinberg '12, J. W. White '13.

Team 13, Insurrectos.--H. G. Eisenstadt '12, Captain, S. Cline '11, P. L. Cohn '12, M. Corcoran '11, D. V. O'Flaherty '11, E. C. Grover '14, F. Kovalsky '13, M. Levine '11, S. J. Marshall '13, W. J. O'Connell '11, S. P. Robineau 2L., J. Spear '13, I. Springer uC., J. A. Sullivan '13.

Team 14, The Summer Widowers.--T. H. Thomas '12, captain, S. H. Cross '12, C. B. Randall '12, C. H. Reisenger '12, W. H. Renter '13, H. W. Ryan '11, H. Y. Simmons 1L., C. B. Swift uC., L. O. Woole '12, W. S. Worcester '12.

Team 15, Husky Hussies.--J. H. Knapp '12, captain, H. N. Baldwin '13, F. R. Brown '13, W. C. Codman '12, F. C. Davidson '12, J. G. French '12, M. L. Hallowell '12, F. C. Holbrook '13, J. J. Minot '13, J. A. Morris '13, E. P. Peirce '12, W. P. Tobey '12, R. A. Whidden '12, E. H. Whitney '14.

Team 16, Daffydils.--A. C. Hawkes '14, captain, A. A. Berle, Jr., '13, F. Dazy '14, A. D. Douglas '14, G. A. Ernst '12, M. T. Fisher '13, M. J. Grossman uC., W. M. Haas uC., J. J. Hamburg '13, F. P. Hamill '13, J. F. Hubbard '14, L. B. Siegfried '13, R. Tunis '13

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