Interclass Tennis Matches

Only two matches in the interclass tennis tournament were played yesterday afternoon, Q. A. S. McKean '13 defeating W. B. Harris '13, 7-5, 6-3, and E. R. Hastings '14 winning from J. C. Devereux '14, 6-4, 6-1.

The following matches have been scheduled for today. The results should be left at the Crimson Office before 6.30 o'clock; otherwise both contestants will be considered out of the tournament.

1911.--Jarvis Field at 2.30: G. M. Glover vs. A. Sweetser; L. McK. Miller vs. W. B. Fraser-Campbell.

1912.--Jarvis Field at 2.30: C. S. Cutting vs. F. C. Gray, winner to play A. Richards at 4; G. W. Wightman vs. A. M. Hyde.

1913.--Jarvis Field at 2.30: N. E. Paine, Jr., vs. A. J. Lowrey; Q. A. S. McKean vs. H. G. Smith.


1914.--Jarvis Field at 2.30: H. C. Morgan vs. E. N. Whitney, winner to play G. B. Kayser at 4.