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Ere the spent devotees of the social life have clambered between their matutinal sheets, the lithe young typical Harvard Senior will have sprang from his Ostermoor, dawned a Clupeco, and having finished the World's Work, will join the farces in front of Unworthy Hall at 8 o'clock. There will be a short cheer observed for the Freshman whose $5 cheque at the Picture was later honored by the Cambridge Truss Company. The long black line of brawlers will advance to U Four where Chidibidibee Osgood and Ceres Steel will lead conclusively the first two and the last three verses of "I arise from dreams of Thee."

The pappy Hicnichers will then pass around the bier three times all ready to depart for the long, long whorf where docks King Philip.

Class Leaves Square at 9.30.

All loyal undergraduates are urged to report to R. Lowell '12 or Alphonse, who will each give a cheer for the Class of 1911 as that Esteemed Body rolls out of historic Harvard Square on its first concerted wassall. All underclassmen are urged to be present as it is of great importance to show the Senior Class that the entire University is behind them--and just how far.

With their drinking cups clasped in their soft little fingers, then pudgy little maulers clutching the tin tubas, and their pretty childish prattle fascinating the motherly bystanders, the Seniors will Subway to Park and thence to the Broad and Wide Way that leadeth to the berth of Kink Philip. Here Admiral Faussig of the Pinnacle will be discovered grouped on a bulk-head taking tickets with C. F. Mazen the Purser of the King Fillup.

The party will get off a rough line when it finally disembarks onto dear old Peddock's. Trunks to cover the larger limbs can be purchased for a song from the ship's Steward. Bemis was the model, and all are assured of a perfect fit when they try on their pairs of Essentials.

W. C. Greene has offered to trap enough clams to feed the host and there will be no difficulty in securing enough spigots to moisten the throstles of the Great Unslacked. Here is what the Cimmittee want you to clip out and paste in wour hat:

Get Your Paraphernalia at Holworthy 9.

Today from 12 to 1, 1.30 to 2.30, 5.30 to 6.30, and 7 to 8, caps in the class colors, horns, badges, and tin-cups will be given out from Holworthy 9.--one of each to every Senior who presents a pisnic ticket. As all picnickers who expect to take part in the water sports or go in swimming must be provided with some sort of bathing suits, the committee has arranged to have bathing trunks on sale at 10 cents each at thee same hours and place.

The regular steamers leaving Rowe's Wharf at 10.30, 12.30, and 2.30 will be met by a launch from Peddock's Island at Hull, that men who are unable to leave Cambridge at 8.45 may get to the picnic. The same launch will enable men to leave the picnic early if necessary.

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