Votes for Wearers of "H. A. A."

(We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The notice which appeared in Monday's CRIMSON, stating that only "H" men should be allowed to vote for the captain of the track team is not only exceedingly ill-timed--as the election takes place tomorrow--but also a flagrant violation of a right which H. A. A. men have exercised in the past. Dean Briggs, when consulted, gave a copy of the rules under which the track elections are held and also an opinion over his signature that the H. A. A. men could legally vote under the rules of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports. The rule (Article IV, Rule 1) states that "No player who did not take part in the most important contest or contests of the season shall vote."

In commenting, Dean Briggs said: "The foregoing rule is--so far as I know--the only rule we have to go by in deciding who shall vote. According to this rule H. A. A. men--if they receive their letters for taking part in the most important games--as I understand they do--are entitled to vote.

"I may add that I do not know the candidates and have no possible personal bias in the matter."


This letter is in my possession and and may be seen by any member of the track team. R. DOUGLAS '12.