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Harvard Training Quarters, Red Top, Conn., June 16, 1911.--The University and Freshman crews were given time trials this afternoon, the University eight going over the full four-mile course and the Freshmen rowing the second and third miles. The crew left the up-stream mark rowing 30 strokes to the minute without a racing start. This stroke was maintained for two miles. The Freshmen took up the race at the mile flag at a stroke of 38 which was soon dropped to 34. Before they got well under way they had fallen a half a length in the rear. They soon made this up and at the mile and a half mark had gained a length of open water, as they were rowing four or five points higher than the University eight. In the next half mile this lead was cut down to one length and at the next mark the boats were on even terms. At this point both crews raised the stroke slightly and the Freshmen dropped behind. A few strokes from the two-mile mark the Freshmen made a final spurt but were unable to gain, and they finished three-quarters of a length in the rear.

The University eight continued over the course rowing slightly over 30 strokes to the minute until the last half-mile; when the stroke was gradually raised, finishing at 36. The time taken was 21 minutes, 53 seconds, which was good, considering the fact that no attempt was made to speed except at the last few strokes. The conditions were fair, the water being smooth and the very last of the ebb running, it being almost slack water. The work of the crew was very satisfactory and especially during the first half-mile in which the Freshmen were rowing. After the Freshmen dropped out the work became a little ragged but improved greatly when the stroke was quickened a half-mile from the finish. The showing made by the Freshman crew was particularly encouraging considering the poor work they had done previous to their arrival here. E. Curtis at stroke is a great improvement as he has very good rythm and can drive his men well. In the morning both eights were sent over a fast half-mile and the fours were given short sprints. The University four is showing good form but is still liable to be a little short. J. F. Brownlee '13 arrived this morning as coxswain of the second four, A. Abeles taking the position on the University four left vacant by Voorhees.

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