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Class Day Notices

By R. C. Floyd.

tendants will not be allowed to enter or leave the Yard with dishes, ice cream cans, or anything of the sort.

No automobiles, carriages, or bicycles will be allowed in the Yard after 12 o'clock.

On Class Day, Seniors must appear in caps and gowns. Dress suits must not be worn under the gowns before 6 o'clock. After that hour Seniors may wear them if they wish, but gowns must also be worn.

At the exercises in Sanders Theatre on Class Day morning Seniors must remove their caps before entering the hall.

No one except Seniors in caps and gowns marching with their class will be admitted to the Stadium without a ticket.

The Yard will be cleared at 2 o'clock. Seniors are urged if possible to keep their guests out of the Yard while it is being cleared. Tickets will be collected from all persons in the Yard or entering it after 2 o'clock. After 9 o'clock no Yard tickets will be given out to people leaving the Yard, and before that time only upon request. However, each person leaving the Yard after 9 o'clock will be allowed to purchase one return ticket at 25 cents. After 9 o'clock arrangements will be made for persons leaving the Yard by exits 8 to 10 for Memorial Hall and Gymnasium, and by exit 7 for the Union, whereby they may receive special return Yard tickets.

It is particularly requested that people who do not intend to return to the Yard do not ask for tickets, or at least that they do not give them to people on the street, as it is of the greatest importance to the success of Class Day that undesirable people should not gain admittance to the Yard. It has been found necessary to follow this plan to prevent the disturbances and thefts hitherto caused by persons who gained entrance on tickets passed through the fence or given away by people leaving the Yard during the evening. Everyone is urged to do his part toward the success of Class Day by keeping his tickets among his friends and and not giving tickets to outsiders.

The committee reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone they see fit. Seniors must procure tickets for Memorial Hall and the Senior Spread for their own use. No Senior will be admitted to the Yard without a ticket unless he wears his cap and gown.

Seniors who find that they have not provided themselves with sufficient number of Yard and Memorial tickets may purchase those that remain unsold, at the Lodge of the '77 gate, Massachusetts avenue, between 9 A. M. and 9 P. M. on Class Day.

Seniors are urged to assist the Committee by a judicious distribution of their tickets, to follow the requirements carefully and to do everything in their power to keep all but the friends of the students away from the exercises.

On Class Day, the committee's office will be in the Lodge at the '77 gate, where all inquiries should be made.

All communications should be addressed to Box E, Cambridge.

Free Undergraduate Tickets.

Members of the lower classes may obtain at the Co-operative one free Yard ticket, not transferable, and one Stadium ticket, good only if the holder marches will his class.

Alumni Sale.

A sale of Class Day tickets of graduates will be held at 50 State street, Boston, today from 9 until 4 o'clock.

Class Day Literature.

Any one wishing to procure Class Day literature, including a plan of the Yard and a program of the Class Day exercises, should apply at the office of the Union, at Leavitt & Peirce's, or at the Co-operative.

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