Material for Next Year's Crew Football, Baseball, and Track Teams.

Following is the outlook for the University football, track, and baseball teams, and for the University crew next year, based on the showing of the past season:

Prospects of the Crew.

As has been the case in the last few years, the crew outlook at Harvard for the coming year is very satisfactory. Only R. Cutler at seven and L. Withington, Jr., at five, will be lost by graduation, while Meyer and Morgan from the University four are promising well as next year's occupants of the vacant seats. During the past spring the Freshman boat has been unsettled but it is evident that Reynolds, Mills, and Gardiner will form excellent material, if Meyer and Morgan are not up to the usual standard of the University eight. There is also a possibility that Cromble may develop as a stroke. Chandler, also of the Freshman class, who is now on probation, will be valuable if he is in proper standing at the Office.

Track Prospects.

The track team will lose by graduation 10 men who won places in the Yale and intercollegiate meets. Of this number, the loss of H. Jaques, Jr., and H. W. Kelley '11 will be the most keenly felt, as they scored between them 15 points in the dual meet with Yale and two points in the intercollegiates. The loss of such a number of men will of course cause a weakness in a number of events but fortunately there will be available in 1912 some good competitors who were unable to participate in track sports this last spring because of sickness and eligibility rules. In addition to these, the 1914 Freshman team was strong in some of the events which graduation will weaken. Yale's team next year will be strong in the sprints, but weak in the distance runs; the field events will be greatly weakened by graduation.

Next spring seven "H" men will be in College. These secured 19 1-2 of the 48 1-2 points scored in the Yale meet and four of Harvard's six points in the intercollegiates. Yale will retain the same number seven, who won 15 1-2 points in the dual games and five points in the intercollegiates.

The weakness of the University team in 1912 will lie in the sprints and two field events, the broad jump and the pole-vault. In the 100-yard dash the possibilities are W. B. Adams '13, K. S. Billings '12, P. G. M. Austin '13, and J. I. Abbott '14. Adams with more experience and coaching is the most likely, though Abbott should improve greatly. In the furlong Billings, Adams, Abbott, and F. J. O'Brien '14 look the best in sight. O'Brien should, if in good health next year, develop rapidly.

The vacancy in the 440 will be filled probably by W. A. Brown, Jr., '14, the Freshman captain, who showed-great possibilities this year. D. P. Ranney '12 and O'Brien will probably also run in this event. B. M. Preble '12, W. H. Fernald '12, and S. Nichols '13 will again be available in the half-mile. H. M. Warren '13 should be in good shape next spring and do excellent work. H. P. Lawless '13, T. W. Koch '13, who was ineligible this year, E. D. Smith '13, and W. H. Lacey '12 should look out of the mile. Captain Withington '12 and F. W. Copeland '13 will again run the two-mile. R. S. Boyd '14 and F. H. Blackman '14 are good performers at this distance.

Harvard will be stronger than for many years in the hurdle events. J. B. Cummings '13, T. O. Freeman '14, A. L. Jackson '14, and G. C. Flack '13, who was ineligible this past season, make an excellent quartet for any team.

P. H. Keays '13, F. H. Leslie '12. R. B. Batchelder '13, and R. T. P. Storer '14 should all better their marks in the shotput. The hammer-throw will be strong with D. Howard '14 and T. Cable '13, both able to throw in the region of 150 feet. F. B. Waller '13 and A. W. Moffat '13 should both be doing close to 6 feet in the high jump in 1912. L. C. Torrey '12 and R. Murray '12 are capable of doing good work in the pole-vault, but can hardly come up to the high standard set by the Yale men. The strength in the broad jump is at present latent, but P. G. M. Austin '13 and G. N. Phillips '13 are likely to develop.

The Baseball Team.

The prospects for the University baseball team next season are the best for several years. Coach Sexton has had an exceptionally hard year this season, in that he had to familiarize himself with all of the material for the team and has been handicapped by not having a good staff of pitchers. Next year, however, he will be able to start work with the nucleus of a team which he had himself coached and which has learned his style of play. This will be a great advantage, and should result in a record-breaking team. The following men of those who are now on the University squad will be lost by graduation: Captain McLaughlin, C. Hann, R. G. McKay, H. A. Rogers, H. A. Sexton, J. P. Carr.

The only position on the team where a hole will really be left is at first base. Milholland of this year's Freshman team seems the most likely man to take Hann's place. Captain McLaughlin's loss will be felt both in the box and in the field, but there will be Babson, Wigglesworth, Clifford, and Kelly for the outfield, from this year's team; and Felton and Beebe, who were both ineligible this year, are likely to be the mainstays in the pitching line, if they have satisfactory relations with the College Office at that time. In addition, Boyle and Waterman, who held the Yale freshmen to a 1 to 1 the for 13 innings this spring, will be valuable assets to the University squad. Ernst, Bird, and Hardy are the present members of the squad who will contend for pitching honors. The infield will remain practically intact, with Potter at second base, Desha playing short stop and Gibson at third. The latter will have two strong rivals for his position in Coon, who has played there many games this season, and Wingate, captain of the 1914 team. Reynolds is the only other man from the Freshmen, besides those already mentioned, who seems likely to secure a position on the University team. He has been catching this year but it is doubtful if he can displace Reeves for this position. it is probable that he may fit in at one of the gardens, as he is a good hitter and has had considerable experience in the outfield at Andover. It seems probable that the team next year will be even a stronger hitting aggregation than this year, as Coach Sexton will pay special attention to this department of the game.

Football Prospects.

In spite of a very and schedule, the prospects for a successful football team next fall are bright. Not only are a number of "H" men available but the team is very fortunate in that it will again have the advantage of Coach Haughton's experienced coaching. It has been decided not to have early practice such as was given certain members of the team during the first part of last September in Maine, but all candidates will be expected to report, in good condition for hard practice, in Cambridge on Wednesday, September 18.

Of the twenty-two men now in College who have won their football "H" nine are not returning next fall. H. K. Bush '11, H. F. Corbett '11, C. E. Dunlap '11, H. C. Leslie '11, R. G. McKay '11, D. V. O'Flaherty '11, J. G. B. Perkins '11, P. D. Smith '11, and L. Withington '11 are graduating this spring and this is a pretty heavy loss as all but three of these men played in the Yale game last November.

L. D. Smith '12 will be one end and either S. M. Felton '13 or R. P. Lewis '13, providing their standing in College permits, should be the other end. However, H. A. Rogers '12, who won his "H" in 1909, will be playing again and, provided he is not moved to tackle, will be a strong man for the position. L. D. Howard and W. B. D. Dana of this year's victorious Freshman team, are also good men. Owing to the loss of Withington, McKay and Bush, the tackles will be hard to fill; H. A. Rogers '12 and T. H. Frothingham '13 may be both tried at this position. D. C. Parmenter '13 and W. T. Gardiner, H. B. Beebe, W. A. Willets and L. D. Howard, all of the 1914 team, are other likely men. Captain Fisher and W. M. Minot '12 will be the two guards; F. D. Huntington '12 will probably be the regular centre, unless R. T. P. Storer '14 shows remarkable ability.

R. B. Wigglesworth '12, R. S. Potter '12, and H. B. Gardner '13 will all be again available for quarterback. There will be a number of good halfbacks to draw upon. T. Frothingham, Jr., '12, T. H. Frothingham '13 and K. Reynolds '14 have shown great ability, while E. A. Graustein '13, T. J. Campbell '12, A. F. Sortwell '14, and G. Bettle '14 are all very good men, though rather light. R. M. Blackall '12, who has played baseball and hockey since his Freshman year, will also be a candidate for halfback. G. E. Morrison '12 and P. L. Wendell '13 are exceptionally strong fullbacks. Taken as a whole, it seems as though the team should prove a strong one.

The following graduates will assist Head Coach Haughton: P. Withington '09 and L. Withington '11 will coach the line, L. H. Leary '05 the ends, and H. F. Corbett '11 the backs. There will also probably be some assistance by C. D. Daly '01, C. Blagden '02, and H. E. Kersburg '06