Train Service for Yale Boat Races

Next Friday, June 30, the day of the Now London boat races, a special train of coaches and parlor cars will leave Boston from the South Station at 12.20 P. M., and from Back Bay Station at 12.24 P. M. The train is due to arrive in New London at 2.55 P. M.

A special train will leave New York from the Grand Central Station at 12.05 P. M. This train is due in New London at 3.20 P. M.

An observation train for the Freshman and four-oared races will leave New London at 10.30 A. M. The price of tickets is &1. The observation train for the eight-oared race will leave New London at 5 P. M. Tickets are &2.50 each.

The steamboat service for the eight-oared race is as follows: steamer "Richard Peck" will leave New Haven, Belle Dock at 12 o'clock. It will pass through the drawbridge and anchor as near as possible to the finish, returning immediately after the race. The fare is $1.75. The "City of Lowell" will leave the wharf at New London at 3.30 P. M., and will proceed up the Thames River to the finish. It will return immediately after the race. The fare will be 50 cents.

The first special train for New York will leave New London 10 minutes after the race. The second special train going west will leave New London 20 minutes after the race. It will run through to New York making all the principle stops. In case of postponement of the University race to the next day, the trains will leave as soon as possible after such official notice.

Tickets for the observation trains and special trains may be obtained at Leavitt & Peirce's Cambridge, and at the South Station, Boston.