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This year is destined to be one memorable in the annals of track history. In the recent intercollegiate meet five records were broken and three equalled, and this summer Harvard and Yale will meet Oxford and Cambridge in an international meet in London. The significance of this event is not so much in showing which of the two countries can produce the better track team, but rather as one more link in the chain of friendly relations which bind two of the oldest educational institutions of this country with two of the greatest in England and in the world. The positions that Harvard and Yale secured in the intercollegiate meet show that their combined strength is by no means the greatest on this side, and it is likewise probable that the two English teams could be improved if an international championship were at stake.

When all points are considered it appears that this year is exceptionally propitious from the American colleges' point of view. With the English system of scoring, which counts only first place in each event, only star men will be of any consequence. Yale has exceptionally good men in the sprints and field events, while Harvard is strong in the distance runs. The poor showing of the University team in the intercollegiate meet might lead to the belief that this year's team is comparatively weak, while as a matter of fact several members are holders of college records, and several others have closely approached records.

The English teams likewise are said to be strong, but any direct comparison is, of course, impossible. The meet should be closely contested, and on that account interesting to the participants. In view of the crowds that the coronation will draw to London, it should also be a source of pleasure to a great number of spectators of both countries.

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