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Gales Ferry, Conn., June 5, 1911.---The Yale crews have taken up their stay at the training quarters at Gales Ferry, Conn., having come here yesterday afternoon. There are about forty men in the whole squad, composing the University eight and first and second fours, and the freshman eight and four. The crews are accompanied by Coaches Kennedy and Plaisted, who will have charge of the work on the river.

Upon the arrival of the crews at Gales Ferry, the freshman squad met for the election of captain and chose S. J. Snowden, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Snowden has been stroke of the 1914 crew since the rowing commenced and was the expected choice for captain.

The university crew is in good spirits even though it has lost its two preliminary races, and has confidence in Coach Kennedy to get it into the best possible shape for the race with Harvard on June 30. All the men will be busy for the next two weeks with final examinations, which are being given at the training quarters, but much time will be spent on the river in various sorts of shells. For the first week or so the men will be sent out a great deal in pairs in order to develop their stroke in the new form which Coach Kennedy has worked out. This preparation will be necessary before the men can do much effective distance rowing.

There has been considerable shifting of men on the university eight during the last few days. At present Lowe is stroking but it would not be surprising if Howe, whom Lowe replaced, and who is stroking the second university four, or Tucker, who is rowing at number four, should be put back into their old positions. Lowe is an entirely new man at the post of stroke and has yet to prove his fitness for the position. Captain Frost is the only veteran oarsman on the crew, as Van Sinderen, who rowed on the University eight last year and has stroked it a good deal this year, failed to keep his place and was dropped from the squad when it left New Haven.

This morning the university eight went out in pairs for short rows, and were followed soon by the freshman and fouroared crews which rowed to the Navy Yard. In the afternoon the university eight rowed up stream.

The orders of the crews which are in training here are as follows:

University eight-oared.--Stroke, Lowe; 7, Van Blarcom; 6, Philbin; 5, Scully; 4, Tucker; 3, Romeyn; 2, Field; bow, Captain Frost; cox., Copp.

University four-oared.--Stroke, Appleton; 3, Adams; 2, Oldenborg; bow, Maitland; cox., Wood.

Second four-oared.--Stroke; Howe; 3, Ives; 2, Buckingham; bow, Elwell; cox., Barnum.

Freshman eight-oared.--Stroke, Snowden; 7, McHenry; 6, Ross; 5, Stevenson; 4, Pearse; 3, Gayne; 2, Rogers; bow, Gore; cox., Shepard.

Freshman four-oared.--Stroke, Lippincott; 3, Pease; 2, Freyfogle; bow, Hays; cox., Covell.

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