Report of Intercollegiate Meet

The recent report of R. C. Floyd '11 on the thirty-sixth annual meet of the Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association held on Soldiers Field May 26 and 27 shows an increase in returns of more than $1200 over any previous meet. Athletes and trainers attending the meet said that it seemed as if every minor detail was provided for. The credit for this is due to Manager Floyd, who had the advantage of the experience of J. D. Leland '09, who made a record managing the meet two years ago.

The net receipts from recent games have been as follows:

1907.--At Cambridge, $4,248.

1909.--At Philadelphia, $884.87.

1909.--At Cambridge, $5,559.07.

1910.--At Philadelphia, $4,322.76.

1911.--At Cambridge, $6,782.42.