Football Tickets Now on Sale

H. A. A. tickets, at $5 each, admitting to all games except those with Dartmouth and Yale, may now be purchased at Leavitt & Peirce's. They may be purchased by students and officers of the University but not more than one by each person, and are not transferable.

Season tickets at $3 each are now on sale at Leavitt & Peirce's, Wright & Ditson's, and the Co-operative. These tickets may be purchased by the public and each person may buy as many as he desires. They admit to all home games except those with Dartmouth and Yale.

Applications for Big Game Tickets.

Tickets for the Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth games will be obtained by much the same system of application as was in force last year, the committee in charge being H. S. Thompson '99, N. W. Bingham '95, and F. A. Goodhue '06.

The Athletic Association will not attempt to send out to each Harvard man application blanks for tickets to the games. Such a plan has proved impracticable. Application blanks will be placed at the following places for distribution: Harvard Alumni Office, 50 State street, Boston; all Harvard Clubs; Wright & Ditson's; Leavitt & Peirce's; Co-operative Society; Amee's. Blanks will also be supplied upon request made to the Harvard Athletic Association.


The time for filing applications for the several games closes as follows:

Princeton game, 5 P. M., October 21.

Dartmouth game, 5 P. M., October 28.

Yale game, 5 P. M., November 4.