Late Changes in Courses

The following changes and additions have been made to the list of courses since the last official announcement was printed:

Education 3b, secondary education: public high schools, endowed and private schools, the course for the technical training of teachers in secondary schools with school visiting and practice teaching in the schools of Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, and Medford. Half course, second half-year. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1.30, Mr. William Orr.

Education 3, school administration, the course for the technical training of school officers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3.30. Dr. F. E. Spaulding.

Spanish 6, Spanish American poetry; reading of texts; lectures on prosody Half course first half-year. Once a week. Professor E. C. Hills.

Comparative Literature 13, Danish and Norwegian dramatists. Special attention paid to Holberg, Oehlenschager Bjornson, and Ibsen, and their relations to European literature. Half course, second half-year. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11. Professor Schofield.


Social Ethics 3 and 5 will be omitted this year.