Weekly Board to be Provided Under Same Conditions as Last Year.

The Union is now open for inspection to all members of the University until a week after the opening of College, when only members will be admitted. Beginning this morning it will be open at the regular hours, 7.30 A. M. to midnight. Applications for membership are now being received at Leavitt & Peirce's, the main store of the Co-operative, and the Union Office. The annual dues for active membership are ten, (10) dollars, which are chargeable on the February term bill.

Officers and former members of the University residing within 25 miles of Cambridge may become associate members upon the payment of the annual dues of $5 in advance. Associate members are not permitted to vote at the election of Union officers; otherwise their privileges are the same as those of the active members.

The same plan as last year will be followed in accommodating men who wish to dine at the Union. Regular board will be offered in the Training Table Room, and members of the Union, who desire, may start tables there. Table d'hote and a la carte meals will be served in the large Dining Room as usual. The first meal served will be breakfast tomorrow morning at 7.30 o'clock. Below is printed a copy of the blanks which members sign for regular board: "I hereby sign on for regular board at the Union for one week at seven dollars a week, and agree to give two days notice when I desire to discontinue. (Failure to give such notice means that the boarder will be charged seven dollars for the succeeding week. Persons cannot sign for less than one week.)"

Meals in the large Dining Room will be served at the following hours: breakfast, 7.30 A. M. to 12 M.; luncheon, 12 M. to 2 P. M.; dinner, 6 P. M. to 8 P. M. Light refreshments may be obtained through the bell-boys from 12 M. to 8 P. M.

Union Information Bureau.


An information bureau has been established in the Reading Room of the Union. Official circulars, course pamphlets, and maps of Cambridge can be obtained there and inquiries regarding the whereabouts of officers of the University, buildings, streets, etc., will be answered. This information bureau will be maintained for the remainder of this week.

The following men will be in charge today:

9-10 A. M., T. J. Campbell.

10-11 A.M., R. W. Williams.

11-12 A. M., C. M. Storey.

12-1 P. M., R. F. Duncan.

1-2 P. M., H. deWindt.

2-3 P. M., H. L. Groves.

3-4 P. M., R. C. Piper.

4-5 P. M., R. B. Batchelder.

Notices of the information bureaus conducted at Brooks House and the Cosmopolitan Club are to be found on another page.

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