To be Given by Professor Hollis In Pierce 110 at 12 o'clock.

Professor I. N. Hollis L.'99, of the Engineering Department, will deliver the second of a course of nine lectures on the steam turbine to be given in conjunction with Mr. L. C. Loewenstein of the General Electric Company, in Pierce 110 this morning at 12 o'clock. The subject of today's lecture is "Blades and Velocity Diagrams." It will be open to members of the University and to the public.

These lectures are planned as a review of the subject for the general student whose knowledge of mathematics and thermodynamics will not permit him to go into the details of design. They will be illustrated from time to time with stereopticon views.

The dates and titles of the remaining seven lectures are as follows:

January 8.--"Theoretical and Experimental Considerations for the Study of Steam Turbines."

January 10.--"Design of Steam Turbines."

January 12.--"Steam Turbine Types."

January 15. -- "Detail Constructive Features of Steam Turbines."

January 17. -- "Turbine Installations and Turbine Testing."

January 19.--"Centrifugal Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors."

January 22.--"Applications to Marine Propulsion."

All the above lectures will be delivered by Mr. Loewenstein except the last which will be given by Professor Hollis.