Squad Still Green and Line-ups Very Uncertain.

The Freshman football squad was put through a stiff practice on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. For this stage of the season yesterday's scrimmage was unusually vigorous and gave the coaches a good line on their material, which for the most part is decidedly raw.

Preliminary work was dispensed with and the squad was at once divided into two teams, which lined up for a scrimmage. First one team was given the ball and then the other, so that the play see-sawed back and forth over the field. Coach W. T. Gardiner '14 made many changes in the line-ups, especially among the forwards. The backfield candidates worked fairly well.

The line-up for team A yesterday was as follows: l.e., D. Greene; l.t., L. Curtis; l.g., F. B. Perkins; c., T. Sizer, H. Amory; r.g., R. Cutler; r.t., R. Curtis; r.e., O. G. Ricketson, Jr.; q.b., D. C. Watson; l.h.b., Y. A. McKinlock, Jr.; r.h.b.; D. Miller; f.b., E. W. Mahan.