Work Expected to be Completed for Class of 1918.--Excavating to Begin in Spring.

Buildings at the foot of Holyoke street are already being vacated, and will soon be torn down to clear the ground for the new Freshman dormitory to be located there. The land to the east of the Edison power plant along Boylston street, and that immediately north of Holyoke street along the bank of the Charles, will also be cleared this winter, so that the work of laying the foundations of the three Freshman dormitories may begin as soon as the frost is out of the ground next spring.

The dormitory on Boylston street will be the largest, and will accommodate about 200; the one at the foot of Holyoke street, about 175; and the building south of that, a few more than a hundred.

The plans for these buildings are being prepared now by Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge, architects, Boston. The structures will be of brick, with stone trimmings, in the colonial style, and will be four or five stories high. The plans will be completed in about a month, and work on the construction will begin as soon as possible next spring, so that the buildings may be ready for occupancy by the class of 1918.

It is expected that these buildings will accommodate-all Freshmen, who do not live in or near Cambridge, and they will be required to live in the new dormitories. In case it is thought probable that these buildings will not accommodate the whole class, a fourth will be built, to the north of the others, near the bank of the Charles.

The dormitories will have single and double suites, and a few larger ones, each suite having a sitting room and a toilet. Each building will have a large Common Room and a dining hall of sufficient size to accommodate the occupants of the building.