Coaches Paid Particular Attention to Perfecting Plays.--No Scoring.

Following a drill in dummy tackling and scrimmaging yesterday afternoon the first team lined up against the second. The only play which came near scoring was a forward pass from Gardner to Coolidge but the ball was brought back because the pass was illegal. Brickley later tried a drop-kick but was unsuccessful.

The play was not hard and special attention was paid rather to perfecting the plays than to making gains. Both teams worked the forward pass effectively. After a time team B was substituted and play proceeded much as before, neither side scoring, although Freedley and Spang worked some clever passes.

D. Lawson '13 and W. B. Dana '14 have been added to the first squad.

The Line-up.

Team A lined up as follows: Felton, Hollister, Weatherhead, l.e.; Storer, l.t.; Pennock, l.g.; Parmentor, c.; Trumbull, r.g.; Withington, r.t.; Coolidge, O'Brien, r.e.; Hollister, Bradley, Gardner, q.b.; H. Hardwick, T. Hardwick, l.h.b.; Brickley, r.h.b.; Wendell, f.b.