Fosse Team of Lynn Victorious in First Game of Fall Season.

The University association football team lost its first game to the Fosse team from Lynn, on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon, the score being 2 to 1. During the first half the play was ragged, the weakness of the University forwards throwing the play almost entirely upon the backs. Fast playing on the part of the latter, especially by Captain Barron, and Nichols at goal, held the visitors from scoring in the first half. In the second half the play was much improved, the Lynn team scoring twice on a penalty and field goal, while Needham carried the ball down and scored a field goal for the University team. Although the game brought out the weakness of the forward line, the showing against the expert Lynn team is hardly discouraging.

The line-ups follow:

Harvard: g., Nichols; r.b., Barron; l.b., Rushmore; r.h.b., Grant; c.h.b., Francke; l.h.b., Weston, Grinnell; r.o.f., Needham; r.i.f., Locke; c.f., Porter, Jennings; l.i.f., Carnochan; l.o.f., Kimball.

Lynn: g., F. Fletcher; r.b., McEwan; l.b., Dunn; r.h.b., Buttywood; l.h.b., Smith; c.h.b., Cundy; l.o.f., Johnson; l.i.f., Shepard; c.f., Haywood; r.i.f., J. Fletcher; r.o.f., Spence.

Score--Lynn, 2; Harvard, 1. Goals--Spence. Time--35-minute halves.


--Williams. Linesmen--Chittenden, T. Spence. Time--35-minute halves.

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