Great Improvement in Team Play Apparent in Saturday's Game With Newton.

The University soccer team defeated the Newton Centre team on Saturday in a one-sided contest by the score of 8 to 0. While the visiting team had one or two individual stars, their work was offset by the smooth work of the University team.

The steady practice of last week had its effect and the University team played a much better game than it did in the game with the Fosse team a week ago. The passing and dribbling was surer and the team-work, on the whole, was better. The work of the forwards, especially Jennings, Needham, and F. S. Hopkins, was much improved, while Captain Barron and H. G. Francke put up a strong game for the defence.

The University team lined up as follows: g., Nichols, r.f.b., Barron, l.f.b., Rushmore; r.h.b., Grant; c.h.b., Francke; l.h.b., Weston, Grinnell; c.f., Jennings; l.i.f., F. S. Hopkins; l.o.f., Kimball; r.i.f., Needham; r.o.f., S. Hopkins.