Team in Good Shape for Game With Princeton Freshmen.

The last hard practice for the Freshman football squad before the game with the Princeton freshmen, Saturday, was held yesterday afternoon.

A long session at the tackling dummies and practicing interference was first given Team A, while the backs of team B practiced drop-kicking. The squad was then set at catching and running back Mahan's punts, after which both teams were run through signals, the forward pass formation being much used.

This was followed by a lively scrimmage between Teams A and B. Team B, was given the ball at the centre of the field, but fumbled on the second play, team A getting the ball and making a touchdown, after a series of line plunges.

The same sort of play with similar results continued throughout the scrimmage, Team A gaining consistently and stopping its opponents' attack with ease. Drop-kicks and forward passes were tried several times by the second team, but without success.